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Training and Education

EUROFLEETS Project is aware of the lack of well trained people in new technologies and equipment and therefore will organise high level training activities for scientific and technical staffs of Regional vessels in order to generate highly-skilled groups of scientists and researchers able to provide Europe with expertise and new services in advanced technologies and, to permit equipment sharing of high tech instruments and equipment. EUROFLEETS will thus promote the competitiveness of the European maritime field and will stimulate vocations in marine science and technology.

To achieve the Training and Education objectives EUROFLEETS will: 

  • Develop initiatives and programmes that involve the access to world-class infrastructure and practical ship-based training initiatives in areas such as scientific instrumentation, the collection and processing of samples, data analysis, quality control, and processing. Ultimately this will facilitate an integrated approach to marine research and provide excellent practical ship-based research and industry-transferable skills for emerging scientists;
  • Investigate opportunities for trans-national cross-training and exchange of technical personnel for the development of a shared management of human resources;
  • Training technicians and finding ways to associate them in a stable manner to the equipment;
  • Foster the development of transnational deployment teams for co-invested equipment.


For further information on current training opportunities please see.


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