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EUROFLEETS Call "Regional 2" Results

Here you can find the results of the EUROFLEETS "Ocean" and "Regional1" Call launched on 7th February 2011.

A total of 16 full proposals were submitted to the EUROFLEETS "Regional 2" call 2011, of which all met the eligibility criteria in terms of requested proposal structure.


Within the 16 proposals requesting ship-time on one of the Regional class research vessels, 15 projects passed the scientific evaluation, of which 8 proposals were selected for funding, representing 72days of funded ship-time ("scientific success rate" 94%).


Thus the success rate of the EUROFLEETS "Regional 2" is of 50% and the funded proposals will get access to 72 days at sea fully funded by the EC.



Regional class research vessel funded cruises:

Cruise name Lead organisation Regional Vessels Timing Duration (Days)
Caldera 2012  CNRS Aegeo 13-23 July 2012  9
CWC-Moira  University of Fribourg Belgica  1-8 June 2012  7
TURPOP  Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research Bilim 2 November 2012  6
AmSedis  University of Liverpool Celtic Voyager 9-16 April 2012  8
IMPACT  Universidade do Algarve Garcia del Cid 16-23 September 2012  8
SARAS  University of Pierre et Marie Curie Ramon Margalef 10-18 August 2012  9
CIPEC  Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology Salme 2012 (4 legs 5 days each in January April, August and October)  20
CUMECS  University of Barcelona; University of Malta Urania 28 June-2 July 2012  5
  Total funded Days 72


Contact details

EUROFLEETS Evaluation Office

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Alfred Wegener Institut for Polar- und Marine Research
Am Handelshafen 12
27570 Bremerhaven
Tel.: +49 471 4831 1011
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