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EUROFLEETS Scientific Review Panel

The Scientific Review Panel of the EUROFLEETS2 for the “Polar and Subpolar” Call.

Mandate of the Scientific Review Panel: 

At the Pre-Proposals stage, the Scientific Review Panel:

  • Recommends on the final version of the calls to be launched.


At the Full Proposal stages, the Scientific Review Panel:

  • Gives advice on the selection of referees for the evaluation of proposals (based on a pool of referees comprising scientists covering all marine research disciplines provided by the EUROFLEETS2 Consortium and the ESF) and suggests additional referees.
  • Ranks and recommends proposals for funding on the basis of an evaluation by three external referees according to the criteria previously determined.
  • Provide written comments to explain its decisions to the EUROFLEETS2 Consortium and to the applicants.  


At the end of the EUROFLEETS2 Programme, the Scientific Review Panel:

  • Assesses the evaluation process and gives recommendations on guidelines for common scientific peer review criteria and durable transnational access modalities to the European research fleet for future European level calls.


Members of the Scientific Review Panel are:

International experts nominated by EUROFLEETS2 beneficiaries and appointed by the EUROFLEETS2 Consortium. Members were invited to join the panel because of their expertise in the respective fields of research, their experience in sea-going research activities and proposal evaluation. It was aimed at a fair repartition between scientific disciplines and to have representatives from different European countries.  


The Chair is appointed by the EUROFLEETS2 Consortium. The membership in the Scientific Review Panel is personal and public. The EUROFLEETS2 Consortium provides the secretary to the Review Panel.


Scientific Review Panel Membership 

Applicants are asked NOT to contact any members of the Scientific Review Panel for any purpose! All communication with the Scientific Review Panel should go via the EUROFLEETS2 Evaluation Office. Any diversion from these guidelines will be treated as misconduct and will be recorded accordingly. 


Scientific Review Panel members (Listed in alphabetical order):


  • Catherine Goyet (FR, University of Perpignan)
  • Fidel Echevarría (ES, University of Cádiz)
  • Paul Tyler (UK, National Oceanography Centre)
  • Torkel Gissel Nielsen (DK, Danish Technical University)
  • Toste Tanhua (DE, GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel)
  • Catherine Mevel (FR, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris)
  • Laura de Santis (IT, National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics)
  • Jean-Pierre Henriet (BE, University of Gent)
  • Luis Menezes Pinheiro (PT, University of Aveiro)
  • Urmas Lips (EE, Tallin University of Technology)
  • Atanas Palazov (BG, Institute Of Oceanology - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Gilles Reverdin (FR, LOCEAN)
  • Karin Lochte (DE, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research) - reserve list