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RV Akademik

Operator: IO-BAS - Institute of Oceanology - Bulgarian Academy of Science

Country: Bulgaria

Website: http://www.io-bas.bg/RV_Akademik.html

Vessel Type: Oceanographic Multipurpose Research Vessel

Vessel Class: Regional

Operational Area under the calls: Black Sea

Number of Days Offered under the calls: 8

Endurance: 35 days

Scientist berths: 15

Length: 55.5m



Multipurpose research vessel which carries out a wide variety of survey operations in offshore as well as deep sea locations, including fisheries surveys, acoustic and oceanographic surveys, buoy handling operations, environmental sampling, and geological and hydrographic surveying.

Onboard scientific equipment:

SIMRAD EK 200, SIMRAD EK60 echo sounder;
Side scan sonar KLEIN 3000;
CTD (Sea Bird SBE 911 plus) with Rosette sampler (12 Nansen Bottles 5litres);
Meteo system: MARCONI MARINE 1xDS 100.

Mobile scientific equipment on request:

RV Akademik can provide a range of additional mobile equipment for various tasks including a variety of grabs and corers, plankton nets and additional sampling equipment.

Optional Equipment:


PC-8B Equipment Type: Manned submersible

Depth Rating: 250m

Payload: -

Dimensions: 6,5(l)x2,35(h)

Crew: 2+1

Speed: 0,5m/s

Endurance: 5 hours

Website: http://www.io-bas.bg/submursible.html


The PC-8B is a manned submersible designed for observing at a maximum depth of 250 m and at a range of 5nm from its support research vessel. It is operated since 1987 and its crew is composed of two pilots and one scientist. This submersible is a valuable tool for biological, geological and ecological observation, and it is equipped with a manipulator, a photo camera and a video camera, and also with soft sediments sampling device and a hard rock drilling sampling device.

Technical Specifications:

For the technical specifications please see the EurOcean European Underwater Vehicles InfoBase at:


Availability for EUROFLEETS2:

Modality of access: Successful applicants will be offered from 8 days ship time for up to 15 scientists at a suitable time in the vessel annual schedule in the Black Sea. The vessel operates mainly in Black Sea. Users will have full access to the infrastructure and scientific equipment. Full access to submersible PC-8B is also offered (8 days).



Travel and shipment costs for "Regional 3 Call":

•  European funding will cover use of the vessels (with some berth limitation in some cases), full crew, fuel (at economical service speed, for details contact vessel operator), victuals and other standard operating costs. Travelling for the embarked team and transport of equipment will be covered up to a maximum amount designated to each research vessel.

• Grantees will not invoice the EUROFLEETS2 Consortium or respective vessel operator for any additional or third-party costs, such as salary costs, equipment manufacture, repair and rental of equipment, consumables, sub-contracting and assistance, publication costs and overheads

For more information please access the Guidelines for Applicants

Requirements for scientist:


Technical Specifications:

For the technical specifications please see the EurOcean European Research Vessels InfoBase at