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RV G.O. Sars

Operator: IMR - Institute of Marine Research

Country: Norway

Website: http://www.imr.no/om_havforskningsinstituttet/fasiliteter/fartoy/g_o_sars/en

Vessel Type: Multipurpose Research Vessel

Vessel Class: Global

Operational Area under the calls: North Sea Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea

Number of Days Offered under the calls: 10

Endurance: 45 days

Scientist berths: 30

Length: 77.5m

G.O. Sars


Multifunctional research vessel, equipped for stock assessment, oceanography, geology and geophysics. The vessel also has a large number of laboratories on board and is a "super quiet" vessel in terms of radiated noise to water. The vessel can operate both ROV, AUV, giant piston corer and seismic in addition to fixed scientific equipment on board.

Onboard scientific equipment:


Multibeam echosounders: EM 1002, EM 302 and Topas Sub bottom profiler PS018 Echosounders:EK 60 18,38, 70,120,200 and 333 KHz split beam Sonars: Simrad SM 2000, SP 72, MS70 and SX90 ADCP: RDI VM 150 and 75 KHz) CTD: Seabird + water bottles Plankton equipment Trawl equipment (demersal and pelagic) Thermosalinograph



Mobile scientific equipment on request:

Seismic system, ROV Aglantha, AUV Hugin, Calypso corer (23 m), TRIAXUS, MOCNESS, Multinet are available, but not permanently installed.


Availability for EUROFLEETS2:

Modality of access under this proposal: The vessel will be oferred for a period of 10 days to cruise in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea or Barents Sea.

Support offered under this proposal: The scientific team will be supported by the IMR/RV Department land based staff during the preparations for the cruise, both logistically and technically, and all equipment, instruments and other supplies shipped to the port of departure will be handled by the land based staff and/or the vessel crew. The scientific team will be supported by to instrument technicians from the IMR/RV Department, both during preparations and execution of the cruise. In addition the whole vessel crew and the IMR RV Department staff will support in the planning and execution of the cruise in the same way as any cruise on a vessel manned and operated by the IMR RV Department.



Travel and shipment costs:


Requirements for scientist:


For the technical specifications please see the EurOcean European Research Vessels InfoBase at