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RV Sarmiento de Gamboa

Operator: Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (CMIMA-CSIC)

Country: Spain

Website: http://www.utm.csic.es/sarmiento.asp

Vessel Type: Multipurpose Research Vessel

Vessel Class: Global

Operational Area under the calls: North - East Atlantic, Western Mediterranean Waters

Number of Days Offered under the calls: 6

Endurance: 40 days

Scientist berths: 25

Length: 70.5m

Sarmiento de Gamboa


Multidisciplinary research vessel, equipped for, oceanography, geology, geophysics, hydrography, and fisheries research. The vessel has several science laboratories on board (250 m2) including a wet lab and a CTD Hangar (55 m2), as well as different freezing storage (50 m2) is a "quiet" vessel in terms of radiated noise to water. The vessel can operate deep sea ROVs, AUV, piston corer and large multichannel seismic (6000 m) in addition to fixed scientific equipment on board.

Onboard scientific equipment:

The ship is equipped with an acoustic "gondola" with Multibeam (shallow and deep waters), single beam (hydrographical) and parametric echosounder transducers installed on the lower surface, which provides very high resolution seafloor mapping and penetration into sub bottom surface respectively. This "gondola" is an "airplane-like" structure mounted on the hull. This structure is separated from the hull avoiding the bubbles produced by the bow of the ship that could affect the acoustic transducers installed on the lower surface. The ship also has two drop keels installed in the middle part of the ship. They can be lowered 3 meters below the keel to separate the transducers installed from the hull, avoiding the acoustic noise produced by water flux and from hull itself. The complete list of equipment is as follows: Simrad EA600 (12 / 200 kHz). Hydrography single beam echosounder Installed on gondola Simrad EK-60 (18 / 38 / 120/ 200 kHz.) Biologic echosounder. Installed on drop keel Atlas DS (15 kHz). Deep water Multibeam echosounder Installed on gondola. Atlas MD (50 kHz). Medium / shallow water multibeam echosounder. Installed on gondola. Atlas P35 (18 kHz). Parametric Subbottom Profiler. Installed on gondola. RDI 75/150 kHz. ADCP Installed on gondola. IXSEA Posidonia. Acoustic Underwater Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) positioning. Installed on gondola. Scanmar net sensors (Trawl eye / Depth / Catch / Tension / Speed / Distance-Depth) with shipborne transducers installed on drop keel.

CTD, LHPR, SeaSoar from near the surface to depths down to 500 meters while moving at speeds up to 12 knots. Deck equipment: Cranes and Winches CTD 8000 m. Coax Ø 11 mm Plankton sampling 6000 m / Ø 6 mm Coring 8000 m / Ø 16 mm Elect. Nets 7000 m / Coax Ø 14 mm 2 x mobile 20 ton trawling Multipurpose Cranes Aft A- frame Main crane (12Tons) Starboard A-Frame 2 x Aux. Cranes CTD Telescopic Crane

Mobile scientific equipment on request:



Availability for EUROFLEETS2:

Modality of access under this proposal: Successful applicants will be offered 6 days of ship time in the North - East Atlantic, Western Mediterranean Waters for up to 18 scientists at a suitable time in the vessels annual schedule. The vessel operates mostly in the North East Atlantic down to the Canary Islands, and in the Western Mediterranean. Successful applicants will be given full use of the vessel and its permanent and portable scientific equipment (MCS with streamer up to 3.0 km, air-compressors, and eventually 10 OBS). Scientists will utilize the CSIC survey planning system for preliminary cruise planning and will involve the RV Operations team in the CSIC in the planning phase of the survey. Final detailed cruise planning will be between cruise leader, RV operations team, the Chief Technician and the Sarmiento Gamboa Captain

Support offered under this proposal: The scientific team will be supported by the UTM-CSIC/RV Operations team during the preparations for the cruise, both logistically and technically, and all equipment, instruments and other supplies shipped to the port of departure will be handled by the land based staff and/or the vessel crew. Full use of the vessel and its facilities



Travel and shipment costs:


Requirements for scientist:


Technical Specifications:

For the technical specifications please see the EurOcean European Research Vessels InfoBase at