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RV Magnus Heinason

Operator: Faroese Fisheries Laboratory

Country: Faroe Islands

Website: -

Vessel Type: Fisheries

Vessel Class: Regional

Operational Area under the calls: Faroe Islands, Norwegian Sea

Number of Days Offered under the calls: 8

Endurance:- days

Scientist berths:5

Length: 44.5m

Magnus Heinason


Equipped for study of physical and biological oceanographic parameters, pelagic and demersal trawling and acoustic surveys. The ship was built in 1978 and can accommodate up to 18 people incl. crew. .

Onboard scientific equipment:

Bathymetric echosounder, EK60 Echosounder, 38 KHZ, 120 KHZ and 200 KHZ. CTD & Rosette, fluorometer, PAR sensor, equipment for registration of trawl samples Pelagic and demersal trawls, plankton nets, bottom sampling equipment.

Mobile scientific equipment on request:



Availability for EUROFLEETS2:

Modality of access under this proposal: The vessel is available for 8 days in mid November to mid February, July and two weeks in October in the Faroe Islands, Norwegian Sea.

Support offered under this proposal: All equipment mention under "Specific Scientific equipment" will be available to the external users.



Travel and shipment costs:


Requirements for scientist:


Technical Specifications:

For the technical specifications please see the EurOcean European Research Vessels InfoBase at