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ROV Max Rover

Operator: HCMR - Hellenic Center for Marine Research

Country: Greece

Website: http://www.hcmr.gr/en/articlepage.php?id=148

Instrument Type: ROV

Length: 2.2m

Rov Max Rover


Maximum operating (dive) depth: 2000 m Total weight: 750 kg Length: 2.2 m Width: 0.9 m Height: 1.2 m Payload: 68 kg Underwater speed: 2.5 knots (fwd/rev), 1.5 knots (vert/lat), bollard pull: 160 kg Navigation: pressure depth meter, altimeter, digital and analogue compass, video graphics overlay (course, depth, date, time, compass, number of cable turns). Sonars: Tritech Dual Frequency Scanning Sonar (675/1200 KHz) & Tritech Side Scan Sonar (910 KHz) 4 Cameras: Colour CCD video camera digital Still Camera (3.2 MPixel, 1Gb) with 4 green lasers Lights: 2 x 100 W HID lights and 4 x 150 W Quartz lights Manipulation: Hydrolek electro-hydraulic 5 function manipulator Computer control system, two heavy duty instrument consoles, monitors, control box. Support vessel: research vessel Philia and other suitable vessels


Availability for EUROFLEETS2:

Modality of access: Successful applicants will be offered an 12 days, 12 h use of MAX ROVER. In addition, 4 days will be required for the mobilization of the infrastructure from Crete (ROV permanent location) to Piraeus (R/V AEGAEO port).

Support offered under this proposal: The MAX ROV responsible group from HCMR will facilitate the use of the infrastructure for the undertaken work


Travel and shipment costs:


Technical Specifications:

For the technical specifications please see the EurOceanEuropean Large Exchangeable Equipments InfoBase at