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3D HDTV Camera

Operator: MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences

Country: Germany

Website: http://www.marum.de/en/CHEROKEE_1000_m.html

Instrument Type: Towed Camera System

Length: 0.3m

3D HDTV Camera


The 3D HDTV camera, developed in the frame the EUROFLEETS1 project, is an ethernet based stereoscopic camera system for use on robotic underwater vehicles. It provides true HDTV video resolution for stereoscopic display or reconstruction. The video signal is a digitally compressed H.264 stream.


Availability for EUROFLEETS2:

Modality of access under this proposal: The camera will be offered for up to 2 expeditions each up to 10 days during the project period, in total 20 days.

Support offered under this proposal: The camera will be prepared and maintained before and after the requested cruise. A training for usage will be offered, as well as support for installation on a specific underwater vehicle.


Travel and shipment costs for "Regional 3 Call":

• The transportation costs of the granted equipment, the travel costs of the deployment team, the eventual design works necessary for adaptation on board the host RV and other standard operating costs will be funded through EUROFLEETS2. Except for cameras for which onshore training will be sufficient, the RI staff will embark during the full cruise duration to assist the crew during deployment phase, to operate the equipment and to run maintenance. Collaboration between hosting RV operator/crew and RI staff will be necessary for a successful equipment deployment, each of them acting with the complete knowledge of their RV or equipment.

• When requesting a piece of marine equipment independently from a EUROFLEETS2 RV, travelling expenses for the embarked team and transport of other (own) equipment will not be covered by EUROFLEETS2.

For more information please access the Guidelines for Applicants