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In this area you can find information about the Project released by several media channels in several European Countries and references to the project in different official speeches:


  • CORDIS website - Community Research and Development Information Service EUROFLEETS Project Description - 14 September 2009
  • EUROFLEETS Kick-off Meeting Press Release - October 2009 (Source EUROFLEETS)
  • EurekAlert! Press Release - 07 October 2009
  • European Commission - EUROFLEETS Fact Sheet - November 2009
  • Marine Institute Press Release by Dr. John R. Joyce - MI Communications Manager - 02 November 2009
  • German Federal Ministry of Education and Research Press Release - 02 November 2009 (German Version)
  • European Commission CORDIS FP7 newsroom Press Release - 08 November 2009
  • Address by François Fillon, French Prime Minister - Closing of the "5èmes Assises Economie de la mer" - 02 December 2009 (French Version)
    Extract from speech: "In this domain of scientific research France has an imminent role with recognised teams and the first European oceanographic fleet. The price of the naval equipment forces all European maritime community deepening its cooperation. And we [France] launched last September the EUROFLEETS project that will reply to a large extent to this issue."
  • European Science Foundation News on EUROFLEETS Call - 05 March 2010
  • European Commission Directorate-General Research News on EUROFLEETS Call - 11 March 2010
  • European Commission Directorate-General Research News on EUROFLEETS Call for Ship-based Training Courses in Ireland - 12 May2010
  • EUROFLEETS European students take the high sea Press Release - August 2010 (Source EUROFLEETS)
  • Intradop Website - Article on the DIAPICNA cruise (only in Pt) Missão DIAPICNA - July 2011
  • MUMM - Article on the hosting of the 3rd EUROFLEETS General Assembly - 23 September 2011
  • EUROFLEETS FAIVI Cruise Press Release - October 2011 (Source EUROFLEETS)
  • MUMM - The Belgica will be... Swiss next week! Press Release - May 2012
  • MI - Eurofleets funded survey successfully completed on board the RV Celtic Voyager Press Release - May 2012


 The EUROFLEETS project was also mentionned in the following speechs:


  • 29 September 2009 - Address by Valérie Pécresse, French Minister for Research - "Lancement de L'Alliance pour les sciences de la mer"