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EUROFLEETS 8th e-newsletter - November 2014

Welcome to the EUROFLEETS2 newsletter

Welcome on board EUROFLEETS2,


Eighteen months after its Kick-Off Meeting, EUROFLEETS2 last calls are now open: i) the Regional 3 call offering access to 3 pieces of embarked equipment and to 12 Research Vessels (RVs) operating in Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea, and in the Bay of Biscay, Baltic Sea and Indian Ocean as well, and ii) the onboard training courses with the upcoming floating Universityorganized on the Danish RV Dana for May 2015 and a further training course on board the Croatian RV BIOS-DVA for June 2015.


Should you be interested in preparing an application, you will find here below links to the EUROFLEETS2 website for appropriate instructions and guidance. Please transmit this Newsletter to any European or international colleague or partner who might answer to these calls. We thank you in advance for any action you could undertake to contribute to their dissemination and full success.


First EUROFLEETS2 funded cruises were successfully achieved after European evaluation of proposals received under the previous TransNational Access (TNA) calls (Regional 1 for Polar and Subpolar areas, Regional 2 with focus on North Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic Sea, Embarked Equipment to foster inter-operability between European research fleets, and Super-Integration for multi-platform experiment). Three scientific cruises were carried out in 2014: the ORCA project run on board the RV Sanna in central West Greenland, and the PREPARED and Polar Plastics projects simultaneously run on board the RV G.O. Sars in Norwegian Sea to West of Svalbard, altogether giving onboard access to more than 30 scientists from 8 European countries and other international countries such as Brazil, Russia and United States. Almost 20 scientists also participated to these cruises as remote users. The flagship project MED-SUV.ISES, selected within the Super-Integration and combining offshore and onshore seismic investigation on the Italian active vulcanoes Mt. Etna and Aeolian Islands, completed its two first cruises on board RV Sarmiento de Gamboa. The third leg is presently running on board the RV Aegaeo.


The EUROFLEETS2 training activity was also dense in 2014 with a workshop to prepare TNA ship time calls held in Tallin, Estonia, and two training courses organized on board the Italian RV Urania and the Estonian RV Salme, gathering 21 students from 12 countries. Several students also embarked on board TNA above mentioned funded cruises. Furthermore and for the first time within both EUROFLEETS projects, a high-school teacher was assigned to a cruise by the EGU Committee on Education through the Geosciences Information For Teachers (GIFT) program.


More cruises and operational results are expected next year, and we will be happy to share them with you in the next EUROFLEETS2 Newsletter foreseen on June 2015.


All the best,

Jacques Binot and Dr. Valerie Mazauric

The EUROFLEETS2 Coordinating team.



EUROFLEETS2 Transnational Access (TNA)

EUROFLEETS2 Regional 3 2014 call - Now Open

Applications are now being invited for funding for ship-time on the "Regional 3" Call...

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EUROFLEETS2 Funded Project "PolarPlastics" Results

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EUROFLEETS2 Funded Project "PREPARED" Results

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EUROFLEETS2 Call Results: Polar and Sub-Polar; Super Integration and Embarqued Equipment

The EUROFLEETS2 Consortium is pleased to announce that within the EUROFLEETS2 Project:

In the Polar and Sub-Polar call 3 projects will get access to 21 days at sea fully funded by the EC. 

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In the Super Integration call 1 project will get access to 28 days at sea fully funded by the EC.

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In the Embarqued Equipment call 1 project will get access to 12 days of use of equipment fully funded by the EC.

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EUROFLEETS2 Training Activities

EUROFLEETS2 Floating University Call Open “Oceanography at Sea: An Introduction to Practical Aspects of Oceanography”

A ship-based course for Postgraduate Students of Marine Science 20th May - 3rd June...

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Training Course on-board R/V BIOS-DVA2

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Importance and relevance of the On-board Training Courses

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Practical Training Course On-board R/V Urania

The course was organized on 4 days, started the 5th and ended the 8th of July in Messina, Italy...

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Practical Training Course On-board R/V Salme

The course was organized on 6 days, started the 17th and ended the 22th of August in Tallin,Estonia...

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EUROFLEETS2 Deliverables

EUROFLEETS2 4 Public Deliverables - Now available!

Consult the 4 public deliverables now available

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