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EUROFLEETS 9th e-newsletter - October 2015

Welcome to the EUROFLEETS2 newsletter

Welcome on board EUROFLEETS2 for an update of its ever-growing activities since November 2014!


Highlights of 2015 so far have been the launching of the Regional 3 ship-time call which was the last call of the project, and by further Trans National Access (TNA) cruises resulting from the previous ship-time calls (Regional1, Regional2 and Super-integration), and equipment-time calls.


Following the four scientific cruises carried out in 2014 (PREPARED and Polar Plastics on board Norwegian RV G.O. Sars, ORCA on board Greenlandic RV Sanna, and MEDSUV.ISES on board Spanish RV Sarmiento De Gamboa and Greek RV Aegaeo), four new cruises have taken place in 2015 (IRIS with the deployment of the Greek ROV Max Rover from RV Sarmiento De Gamboa, MULLET on board Irish RV Celtic Voyager, BentHabIceland on board Faroe RV Magnus Heinason and DeepMap on board Irish RV Celtic Explorer). This represents so far more than 80 days at sea funded by the EU, and a partnership of more than 40 institutions from 20 countries both inside and outside Europe, as direct or remote users.


The TNA activity will make a major step forward in December 2015 with the first EUROFLEETS2 cruise in Antarctic waters: the PharmaDeep project will be conducted on board the Spanish RV Hesperides off the western Antarctic Peninsula. Several other cruises will take place before the end of the project in February 2017, as the Regional 3 call motivated a wide interest in the scientific community. In total 17 scientific proposals were submitted, targeting the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea and Baltic Sea. Two of them are already scheduled and will be conducted in 2015: PROSID2014 on board Estonian RV Salme in the Baltic Sea and ESAW on board Croatian RV BIOS 2 in the Adriatic Sea. More cruises will follow in 2016.


In 2015, the project also developed its training activity towards for young researchers with a first floating university organized on board Danish RV Dana, and a practical training course on board RV BIOS 2. The huge number of applications which were received (more than 300 in total for 30 available berths) confirms the great interest of students and early career scientists for such multidisciplinary on board courses. They represent a unique opportunity to acquire hands-on experience for their future work as marine scientists. EUROFLEETS2 will pursue its actions towards the training of young scientists through promotion of their participation in the upcoming TNA funded cruises.


As part of the Joint Research Activity of the project dedicated to software development and data standardization, the first workshop on the EUROFLEETS Automatic Reporting System (EARS) will be held in Ostend on 21st and 22nd October 2015, as a side meeting to the EMODnet conference. Should you be interested in participating in this workshop as a ship operator or as a scientific user, please contact the organization team and fill in the registration form available at the following link.


For more details on EUROFLEETS2 activities and results, please do not hesitate to visit the project website www.eurofleets.eu.


All the best,

Dr. Valerie Mazauric and Jacques Binot,

The EUROFLEETS2 Coordinating team.



EUROFLEETS2 Transnational Access (TNA)

EUROFLEETS2 Funded Project IRIS Results

In situ ROV characterization of seismogenIc faults in the Alboran Sea.. 

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EUROFLEETS2 Funded Project MULLET Results

Multiple Level Effects of Trawling...

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EUROFLEETS2 Funded Project PREPARED Results

Present and past flow regime on contourite drifts west of Spitsbergen...

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EUROFLEETS2 Funded Project PolarPlastics Results

Microplastic pollution in the Arctic...

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EUROFLEETS2 Funded Project ORCA Results

Oceanic Response, Controls and Attribution...

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EUROFLEETS2 Training Activities

EUROFLEETS2 Floating University“Oceanography at Sea: An Introduction to Practical Aspects of Oceanography”

The course offered an introduction to multidisciplinary oceanographic research techniques...

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Training Course on-board R/V BIOS-DVA2

A multidisciplinary oceanographic training, 12-days course for Ph.D. and M.S. students...

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Practical Training Course On-board R/V Urania

The course was organized on 4 days, started the 5th and ended the 8th of July in Messina, Italy...

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Practical Training Course On-board R/V Salme

The course was organized on 6 days, started the 17th and ended the 22th of August in Tallin,Estonia...

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Join Research Activity

EARS - 1st information and training workshop

Ostend, Belgium 21-22 october 2015

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The EuroFleets Automatic Reporting System (EARS): A short view

The underlying idea of EARS is that, during a survey, all underway data and occurring events should be recorded in a database...

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D11.1 - Guidelines and recommendations for ship design on noise and vibration reduction


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Networking Activity

D3.1 - Report on the status and foreseeable evolution of the European and International Polar Research Fleets and its research equipment


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D3.2 - Report on the feasibility of year round, regular research operations in ice-covered areas


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