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Executive Committee (ExComm)

The Executive Committee (ExComm) is composed of the Activity coordinators (NA, TNA, JRA), WP leaders on request, the EUROFLEETS2 Coordinator and the head of the Management Team as advisor, representatives of the two Advisory Committees and chaired by the EUROFLEETS2 Coordinator. Here you can find what the role of the ExComm is.

The Executive Committee (ExComm) will make decisions concerning every aspect of the project life: technical, financial, schedule, partnership, dissemination and exploitation.

The Executive Committee will have to decide about:

  • Review of project progress and resources status
  • Allocation of funds (received and distributed by the Coordinator)
  • IPR, dissemination, exploitation, standardisation, in accordance with the propositions of the corresponding managers and Committees and validation of the General Assembly
  • Resolutions of conflicts on technical, financial and strategic issues.

The Executive Committee will meet at least twice a year on an ordinary basis. Extraordinary meetings could be called for, should the need arise.


Valérie Mazauric
Eurofleets 2 Project Coordinator
Jacques Binot
Eurofleets 2 Project Coordinator

Nicole Biebow
TNA Activity Coordinator

Veronica Willmott
TNA Activity Coordinator
Aodhan Fitzgerald
TNA Activity Coordinator
Per Wilhelm Nieuwejaar 
Networking Activity Coordinator
Serge Scory 
JRA Activity Coordinator
Sandra Sá
Communication task Leader