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TransEuropean Funded Ship Time

EUROFLEETS is a EU funded project providing scientists 66 fully funded days of ship time on 5 global/ocean class research vessels and 110 days of ship time on 13 regional class ships including the use of large equipment such as ROVs and submersibles.


The EU project EUROFLEETS "Towards an alliance of European research fleets" was launched on the first of September 2009, bringing together 24 partners, from 16 member states of the European Union or associated countries forming the EUROFLEETS consortium, whose main objective is to develop the coordination within European research fleets. This project fosters the shared use of European research vessels and associated equipment to enhance their efficiency and help reducing costs, also by providing scientists on land with real time data from cruises. It entails the development of environmental standards for new research vessels, the development of new cruise planning tools and hardware for underwater vehicles.

A central aim of EUROFLEETS is to provide access to research vessels for all European scientists and their partners on the sole condition of scientific excellence covering all fields of marine science from environmental and biodiversity protection, to coastal zone management, geodynamics and climate change research. To pursue this aim, fully funded ship time on various European research vessels will be available between 2011 and 2013 to support outstanding research projects.

The EUROFLEETS research vessels

The EUROFLEETS project provides ship time on 5 global/ocean research vessels, as well as on 13 regional vessels operating around Europe from the Baltic to the Black Sea. A detailed description of the research vessels participating in the EUROFLEETS project, their technical capabilities, available scientific instrumentation and equipment, completed by a brief description of the obtainable ship time and area of operation can be found at Accessible RV and Equipment Info. This information should be used as a basis for the selection of the most suitable platform for your scientific project.