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RV Dom Carlos I

Operator: IH - Hydrographic Institute

Country: Portugal

Website: http://www.hidrografico.pt/n.r.p.-d.-carlos-i-a-522-1997.php

Vessel Type: Hydro-Oceanographic Vessel

Vessel Class: Regional

Operational Area: Atlantic Islands, Celtic and Irish Seas

Endurance: 30 days

Scientist berths: 15

Length: 68.7m

Dom Carlos I


Research vessel built in 1989 and operated by the Hydrographic Institute of the Portuguese Navy since 2004. It can carry out a wide variety of offshore survey operations, including high resolution swath bathymetry surveys, acoustic and oceanographic surveys, buoy handling operations, and geological/light geophysical and hydrographic surveying. Free deck area of 100 m2. Fitted with full hydrographic/oceanographic instrumentation suite.

Onboard scientific equipment:

ADCP (RDI Ocean Surveyor 38/150 kHz);
Multibeam SIMRAD EM120;
Single beam Echo sounder 15/33/210 kHz.

Mobile scientific equipment on request:


Science support by crew:

Additional equipment such as CTD (Hidronaut Ocean Seven MK317; Hidronaut Ocean Seven MK320; Neil Brown MK3C); side scan sonar, light seismic; Rosette sampler General Oceanic MK 1015, etc, may be operated onboard upon request but requires external personnel.

Availability for EUROFLEETS:

Area of operation is Portugal, Azores and Madeira. This vessel is a Portuguese Navy Ship and the crew is composed only by military personnel. The users will benefit from the skills and expertise of the vessel crew in conducting marine research. The Dom Carlos I is being made available to the EUROFLEETS project for a total of 11 days for one or two cruises.

Travel and shipment costs:

Travelling costs for cruise participants and the shipment of equipment to the port of mobilisation and back from the port of demobilisation will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 15.000€. If higher costs are incurred they have to be covered by the applicant.

Requirements for scientist:

Personal insurance.

Technical Specifications:

For the technical specifications please see the EurOcean European Research Vessels InfoBase at