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RV Oceania

Operator: IO-PAS - Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Country: Poland

Website: http://www.iopan.gda.pl/oceania/oceania.html

Vessel Type: Oceangoing Multipurpose Research Vessel

Vessel Class: Regional

Operational Area: Baltic Sea

Endurance: 30 days

Scientist berths: 14

Length: 49m



RV Oceania was designed and built in Gdansk Shipyard, Poland in 1985 for IOPAS. The ship has a unique design, using two 700 m2 hydraulically driven sails as propulsion, along with a conventional engine. The average annual time on the sea is 212 days. The equipment installed, deck machinery capacity and layout fulfill all the needs for state of the art scientific field research, training and instrument testing.

Onboard scientific equipment:

CTD Guildline+Salinometer;
Sea-Bird SBE 32, LADCP;
Vm ADCP, Spectral Pyranometers;
Automatic meteorological station;
Vacuum pump/filtering system;
Onboard chemical Lab;
Acoustic Multibeam;
1 liter- 12 bottles rosette.

Mobile scientific equipment on request:

Several samplers are available; box corer; Van Veen and Bowers and Connelly sediment samplers; 3 meter beam trawl; instrumentation for above- and underwater optics.

Science support by crew:

Deck crew: 24h; technical support for onboard systems – winches, crane.

Availability for EUROFLEETS:

RV Oceania is being made available to the EUROFLEETS project for a total of 15 days for up to three cruises or up to three individual berths for selected cruises. The vessel will be available annually for work in the Baltic Sea and for transects Gdansk – Tromso, mid June and Tromso - Gdansk late in August.

Travel and shipment costs:

Travelling costs for cruise participants and the shipment of equipment to the port of mobilisation and back from the port of demobilisation will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 15.000€. If higher costs are incurred they have to be covered by the applicant.

Requirements for scientist:


Technical Specifications:

For the technical specifications please see the EurOcean European Research Vessels InfoBase at