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RV Ramon Margalef

Operator: IEO - Spanish Institute of Oceanography

Country: Spain

Vessel Type: Multipurpose Research Vessel

Vessel Class: Regional

Operational Area: Mediterranean Sea, NE Atlantic Ocean, Canary Islands

Endurance: 10 days

Scientist berths: 9

Length: 46.7m

Ramon Margalef


This silent design Research Vessel (ICES 209) will be able to carry out surveys that involve the use of a wide range of oceanographic techniques; fisheries, physics, chemistry and geology.

Her tackle is designed to operate CTD, rosette sampler, grab, corer, trawl fishing, SSS, ROV, etc. and allows to deck a 20’ container on port side and two 10’ containers on starboard side.

The vessel has Dynamic positioning K-POS (DP 1) for corer, grab and ROV operations.

Deck equipment:

1 Hydrographic Multipurpose Winch.Length 4000m;Diameter8mm;
1 Coaxial Winch. Length 6000m; Diameter 8mm;
2 Trawl Winches: Length 3000m; Diameter 18mm (below main deck);
2 Net Winches: Length 120m; Capability 2.8m3;
1 Coaxial Winch. Length 1500m; Diameter 11mm.

Onboard scientific equipment:

All the instruments on board are cable-connected to the MDM 500 Server creating a system able to acquire, share and store data.


Kongsberg: EM710 Multibeam, TOPAS PS18, EA600, EK60;ME70 scientific multibeam echo sounder
High Precision Acoustic Positioning and underwater navigation system HiPAP 500, Net sounder FS20/25 and Net monitoring ITI.
VMADCP 150kHz RD Instruments, Net monitoring SCANMAR;
Met. Station AANDERAA 3660, CUFES 600 l/min, Termosalinographer SB21, Fluorometer TURNER 10AU, Hull mounted Video digital Camera OE14-122.

Mobile scientific equipment on request:

Grabs: Box corer, Van-Veen and Shipeck; Phyto & zooplankton nets; Demersal and pelagic trawls; CTD: SB911, SB25; Rosette sampler 12 bottles.

Science support by crew:

Deck crew: 24h operations supported (not for fishery); 2 persons for technical support for onboard science systems .

Availability for EUROFLEETS:

The RV Ramon Margalef is being made available to the EUROFLEETS project for a total of 6 days for one or two cruises, this duration can be extended to a maximum of 10 days for well evaluated projects, subject to budget availability.

Travel and shipment costs:

Travelling costs for cruise participants and the shipment of equipment to the port of mobilisation and back from the port of demobilisation will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 15.000€. If higher costs are incurred they have to be covered by the applicant.

Requirements for scientist:

Personal accident insurance.

Technical Specifications: