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RV Urania

Operator: CNR - National Research Council

Country: Italy

Website: http://www.cnr.it/sitocnr/UPO/gestione/infoce/navi/UPOnavi.html

Vessel Type: Multipurpose Research Vessel

Vessel Class: Regional

Operational Area: Mediterranean Sea

Endurance: 45 days

Scientist berths: 20

Length: 61.3m



Multipurpose research vessel equipped with the most sophisticated instruments for the study of physical and chemical water quality parameters, and several laboratories for the on site study of biological populations and for the analysis of marine sediments.

Onboard scientific equipment:

The ship is equipped with a Simrad dynamic positioning system and high-low frequency acoustic positioning system in order to ensure an optimal use of scientific equipment. It has laboratories for geological, chemical and radiological analysis. On board software devices are available for navigation data processing, as well as geophysical, ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) and multiparametric probe data processing. The geophysical instruments include a Multibeam echo sounder SIMRAD KONGSBERG EM710 (1200 m maximum depth), an ADCP, a Chirp Datasonic profiler, a Sparker, a Sub-Bottom profiler, a Side-Scan Sonar (100 - 500 KHz) and a magnetometer. As concerns sampling systems (operating up to the maximum depth of the Mediterranean Sea) there are gravity and piston corers, box corer, grabs (Shipek e Van Veen) and dredges. On board it's also possible to use multiparametric sensors and multisamplers, CTD, Rosette Multisampler, devices for biological analysis and a ROV.

Mobile scientific equipment on request:

RV Urania can provide a range of additional mobile equipment for various tasks including a variety of grabs and corers, plankton nets and additional sampling equipment.

Science support by crew:

Deck crew: 24h operations supported; The crew offers support in operational deployment of any type of instruments; two technicians are also included in the crew to maintain the scientific permanent instrumentation installed on board and help the scientific teams hosted on the ship.

Availability for EUROFLEETS:

The RV Urania is being made available to the EUROFLEETS project for a total of 5 days.

Travel and shipment costs:

Travelling costs for cruise participants and the shipment of equipment to the port of mobilisation and back from the port of demobilisation will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 14.000€. If higher costs are incurred they have to be covered by the applicant.

Requirements for scientist:

Medical examination.

Technical Specifications:

For the technical specifications please see the EurOcean European Research Vessels InfoBase at