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Common and Sustainable use of RV

The EUROFLEETS Project is aware that fragmentation, together with a lack of cohesion and strategic vision, is still the greatest weakness of European marine research. Therefore EUROFLEETS will promote a coherent pan-European approach to infrastructure policy with enhanced partnership in investment, development and use, delivering solutions to meet the diverse needs of European marine research.

 The overall aims of the Common and Sustainable Use of RV are:

  • To launch a European Strategic view on research fleets and associated equipment;
  • To support European research vessel operators in managing the environmental footprint arising from their vessels, equipment and research operations at sea in accordance with the legal duties embodied in national, European and international legislation and applicable policies;
  • To define the minimum and high-end functional operational demands of the future European Regional research vessels regarding the technical and management issues;
  • To enhance and develop better coordination of European research vessels and large-scale equipment to ensure maximum use of available infrastructure and assist in the development of a coordinated rapid response capability and series of standardize operational procedures and protocols for vessel operators.


To achieve these goals EUROFLEETS will:

  • Develop the Research Vessels Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001;
  • Develop guidelines for eco-design construction on new Regional vessels;
  • Enhance the interoperability of large exchangeable Instruments; 
  • Define common procedures for the development of the coordinated scheduling process for European Regional and Ocean vessels; 
  • Develop mechanisms, protocols and procedures for establishing rapid response capabilities among research vessel operators; 
  • Develop appropriate common mechanisms in order to facilitate vessel access, equipment sharing, data and experimental comparisons.