Charting a Sustainable Course: EUROFLEETS+ and the Future of Marine Science

Just Launched: EUROFLEETS+ Summary for Policy Makers

We are thrilled to announce the release of the EUROFLEETS+ Summary for Policy Makers! This comprehensive document sheds light on the vital mission of EUROFLEETS+, an initiative that has been making waves in the world of marine science since its inception in 2019 and his coming to an end this month.

What’s Inside?

The summary delves into EUROFLEETS+ and its journey to provide access to a cutting-edge research vessel fleet across diverse regions. It outlines the key objectives, emphasising the need for sustainable marine science, interdisciplinary collaboration, data sharing, and the promotion of greener, eco-responsible operations.

Why Does It Matter?

The future of oceanographic research and its impact on global ecosystems are of paramount importance. As the guardians of our oceans, European policymakers have a unique opportunity to shape the course of marine science and innovation. This summary highlights the critical role EUROFLEETS+ plays in achieving these objectives.

Call to Action

The summary also presents clear calls to action, urging support for ongoing access to research vessels, greater integration of resources and infrastructure, and a commitment to excellent data continuity. Additionally, it advocates for greener, sustainable RV and underwater vehicle operations to mitigate environmental impacts.

How to Access?

You can access the full EUROFLEETS+ Summary for Policy Makers here. Get ready to be informed and inspired by the potential of this initiative and the impact it can have on the future of marine science.

Don’t miss out on this crucial insight into the EUROFLEETS+ mission and its implications for the future of our oceans. Explore the summary and join the journey towards sustainable marine science.

Access the Summary

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