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Vessels and ROV's

RV Tubitak Marmara
Istanbul, Turkey (Homeport)
RV Thalassa
Nantes, France
RV Tangaroa
Wellington, New Zealand (Home Port)
Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
RV Skagerak
Gothenburg, Sweden
RV Simon Stevin
Oostende, Belgium
Sarmiento De Gamboa
RV Sanna
Nuuk, Greenland
RV Ramon Margalef
Vigo, Spain (Home Port)
RV Pelagia
Texel, Netherlands (Home port)
RV Mare Nigrum
Constanta, Romania (Home Port)
RV Mar Portugal (+ ROV Luso)
Lisbon, Portugal
RV Magnus Heinason (to be replaced in 2020)
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands (home port)
RV L’Europe
Sète, France
RV G.O. Sars
Bergen, Norway
RV Dana
Hirtshals, Denmark (Home Port)
RV Coriolis II
Rimouski, Québec and Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
RV Celtic Explorer
Galway, Ireland
RV Atlantic Explorer
St. George’s, Bermuda
RV Arni Fridriksson
Reykjavik, Iceland (Home Port)
RV Aranda
Helsinki, Finland (home port)
RV Angeles Alvarino
Vigo, Spain (Home Port)
Italy, La Spezia
Kiel, Germany (home port)
Port of registry: Chalkis No 19, Greece, Home port: Piraeus, Greece
ROV Ocean Modules V8 Offshore
Gothenburg, Sweden (Home Port)
Bremen, Germany
ROV Luso
Lisbon , Portugal
ROV Holland I
Galway, Ireland
ROV Genesis
Oostende, Belgium
Toulon, France
ROV Ægir 6000
Bergen, Norway


Gdańsk, Poland. 04/06/2020
"Use bio-optical parameters as convenient tool to study marine biogeochemical processes" Brief Description of Floating University The general objective of the course is to provide theoretical background and practical experience [...]

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We had a stand at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 Anneli (AWI) and Andrea (OGS) were at stand 434 presenting EUROFLEETS+ exciting opportunities! The Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM) is the flagship…
A collaboration has been established with the University of Milano-Bicocca and the Executive Master in Management of Research Infrastructure (EMMRI) to develop a Eurofleets+ strategic programme, customized to help/facilitate project…
The EVIOR platform is a product form the earlier EUROFLEETS initiatives. As part of the EUROFLEETS+ project it has been decided to continue and upgrade the following existing components: Research…
The first of two planned ROV Lab courses took place from the 19th-21st of November 2019. 11 applications were received and 7 participants from Greece, Germany and Sweden were considered…
The first Workshop took place from the 20th of August 2020 at the Robotics Lab workshop of Gothenburg University (UGOT) in collaboration with the Swedish Marine Robotics Centre (SMaRC) including…

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