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Vessels and ROV's

RV Celtic Explorer
Galway, Ireland
RV Magnus Heinason (to be replaced in 2020)
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands (home port)
TBC (will replace the Magnus Heinason 2020)
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands (Home Port)
RV Aranda
Helsinki, Finland (home port)
RV Simon Stevin
Oostende, Belgium
RV Skagerak
Gothenburg, Sweden
Port of registry: Chalkis No 19, Greece, Home port: Piraeus, Greece
RV Mar Portugal (+ ROV Luso)
Lisbon, Portugal
RV Tubitak Marmara
Istanbul, Turkey (Homeport)
RV Mare Nigrum
Constanta, Romania (Home Port)
RV Ramon Margalef
Vigo, Spain (Home Port)
RV Angeles Alvarino
Vigo, Spain (Home Port)
RV Sanna
Nuuk, Greenland
RV Arni Fridriksson
Reykjavik, Iceland (Home Port)
RV Dana
Hirtshals, Denmark (Home Port)
RV Thalassa
Nantes, France
RV L’Europe
Sète, France
RV G.O. Sars
Bergen, Norway
Sarmiento De Gamboa
RV Pelagia
Texel, Netherlands (Home port)
Italy, La Spezia
Kiel, Germany (home port)
RV Tangaroa
Wellington, New Zealand (Home Port)
Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
RV Coriolis II
Rimouski, Québec and Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
RV Atlantic Explorer
St. George’s, Bermuda
ROV Holland I
Galway, Ireland
ROV Genesis
Oostende, Belgium
ROV Ocean Modules V8 Offshore
Gothenburg, Sweden (Home Port)
Bremen, Germany
Toulon, France
ROV Ægir 6000
Bergen, Norway
ROV Luso
Lisbon , Portugal
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
Gothenburg, Sweden (Home Port)
Lerici (La Spezia), ITALY
AUV Hugin
Horten, Norway
Toulon, France


Gothenburg University, Sweden. 18/08/2019
The EurofleetsPlus “Blue Skills LABS” During the past ten years new technologies have remarkably extended the scope of marine research and now offer exciting novel perspectives for pioneering research. Unmanned [...]
Honolulu. 16/09/2019
The OceanObs’19 conference is a community-driven conference that brings people from all over the planet together to communicate the decadal progress of ocean observing networks and to chart innovative solutions [...]
Hobart, Australia. 07/10/2019
Announcement The 32nd International Research Ship Operators (IRSO) meeting will occur October 7-11, 2019 in Hobart, Australia Meeting Events: Monday 7 October 2019 – IRSO Icebreaker Tuesday 8 October to [...]

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  In this webinar we will show why and how to complete a preliminary DMP for the Eurofleets+ project. A DMP is necessary for a valid application under the Eurofleets+ Transnational Access Programmes. You will also be informed on completing a full DMP and the basics of Data management in Eurofleets+. The Eurofleets+ Data Management Guidelines are available here:…
NOW OPEN! SEA Programme Oceans Call Update “MARINE EQUIPMENT”:  HROV ARIANE (Ifremer, France) is now available for access on the SEA Programme Call ‘OCEANS’.   Following completion of the interoperability assessment…
The official launch of the EU H2020 Eurofleets+ Project took place on board the RV Celtic Explorer on June 7th 2019 by Dr. Peter Heffernan, CEO of the Marine Institute. …
EU Marine Robots TNA Second Call Open Our proposal is to build a network of marine robotics RIs to help ensure that the EU remains a world-leader in ocean science…
At 09th April 2019, Eurofleets+ performed a Townhall Meeting to introduce the project, ship time opportunities and education and training in Eurofleets+. The Townhall Meeting “Eurofleets+: New opportunities for excellent…

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