Calls & application procedure

Four Calls are scheduled for 2019 in EUROFLEETS+

1 & 2) The Ship-time and Marine Equipment (SEA) Programme calls to access research vessels and marine equipment, the first call with mainly larger, “ocean going” vessels (OCEANS, opening 26th of June 2019) and the second call with more REGIONAL vessels (fall 2019). Research vessels and marine equipment not requested in the first call (“OCEANS“) or with spare capacities will be offered in the second, “REGIONAL“ call again. Both calls will be open for three months, respectively.

3) The Co-PI Call, which is anticipated for November 2019. This running call will be open continuously until mid 2022.

4) The RTA Call, which is anticipated for November 2019. This running call will be open continuously until mid 2022.

For an overview of the infrastructures offered under the calls PLEASE CLICK HERE.



European and international researchers from academia and industry will be able to apply. Eurofleets+ particularly invites scientists from nations with limited, or no, access to research vessels and other marine infrastructure. Researchers from all career stages and female researchers are encouraged to apply.

Access will be granted based on scientific excellence covering all fields of marine science, giving priority to research on sustainable, clean and healthy oceans, linking with existing ocean observation infrastructures, and innovation through working closely with industry will be supported.

Proposals for access to any of the offered infrastructures will only be accepted if they meet the respective eligibility criteria for each call.

Proposals must be submitted exclusively online, using the dedicated link to the online proposal submission portal (provided for each call).

Instructions on how to draft a proposal, to submit your proposal online, and further documents and templates are available at “Call documents and templates” of the respective call (when call is open).



EUROFLEETS+ Evaluation Office

Dr. Anneli Strobel

EUROFLEETS+ Evaluation Office

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Am Handelshafen 12

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