The Eurofleets+ joint research activities   include the following activities

  • Advancing the data management processes

    Implementation of an active open data management strategy and associated procedures including adoption of SeaDataNet standards will ensure capture, transmission and publishing of information about the cruises, their data collection, and involved researchers, and data collected underway and processed later in time. Publication will take place through the EVIOR portal (European Virtual Infrastructure in Ocean Research – an integral part of the Eurofleets+ website) and the larger community SeaDataNet and EMODnet portals. The shipboard data management system, the (near) real-time transfer to shore, and the EVIOR portal for receiving and publishing metadata and data, will be advanced from their current state. The advanced version of the shipboard data management system will be successively piloted on board selected research vessels, and after evaluation, configured at a major number of Eurofleets+ research vessels. The functionalities of the EVIOR portal will be reviewed, improved and expanded, including providing researchers with unique cloud computing and analytical technologies for interacting with the research vessel metadata and data.

    Partners : MARIS, CSIC, RBINS, IFREMER, HAVST, OGS, Marine Institute , VOIP, HCMR

  • Investigating and developing equipment and rigs for deep sea operations from vessels,

    Exploration of the deep sea is a major challenge and opportunity in marine research. Rigs and related technologies are fundamental to the study of the sea as they are needed to deploy equipment. Therefore Eurofleets+ will conduct investigations concerning deep sea research from vessels aiming at achieving interoperability of rigs to be able to deploy different equipment, enabling installation of mobile equipment when needed, and facilitating sharing and installation of equipment across different ships.

    Partners : CSIC, NIOZ,EMSO-ERIC, HAVFO, Marine Institute , SEAONICS, MacCartney, Hampidjan

    Contact:  Arturo Castellón Masalles, CSIC


  • Developing innovative methods and strategies for intelligent exploration, mapping and control using cooperative navigation.

    Innovative methods and strategies will be analysed and developed for intelligent exploration, mapping and control using cooperative navigation. New technologies will be developed for Autonomous Surface Vehicles (AUVs) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (ASVs) and the innovations will be validated prior to field testing during operational cruises.

    Partners: University of Girona, Coronis, IQUA Robotics, IFREMER 

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