Del. No. Deliverable Name WP No.  Lead Participant Type Report
D4.1 Definition of the Eurofleets+ Access Programme 4 AWI Report

D4.1 Definition Of Access Programme (856 KiB)

D1.1 Report on Eurofleets+ Kickoff Meeting 1 MI Report

D1.1 Report On KOM Without List Of Participants (1.6 MiB)

D1.2 Report on Eurofleets+ Project Launch 1 MI Report

D1.2 Report On Project Launch (4.0 MiB)

D4.2 Overview of interoperability between Eurofleets+ RVs and the offered marine equipment 4 MI Report

D4.2 Overview Of Interoperability Between Eurofleets+ RVs And The Offered Marine Equipment V1 MI (1.9 MiB)

D9.1 Updated Dissemination and Communication Plan 9 EUROCEAN Report

D9.1 Dissemination And Communication Plan (2.4 MiB)

D4.3 Call documentation for the SEA Programme; Co-PI Programme; and RTA Programme 4 AWI Report

EurofleetsPlus D4.3 Call Documentation For SEA Programme V1 AWI (3.0 MiB)

D4.4 Data management plan template for funded cruises 4 RBINS Report

D4.4 Data Management Plan Template For Funded Cruise Final (1.3 MiB)

D9.2 Eurofleets+ Project Website 9 BLIT Report

D9.2 Project Website (1.4 MiB)

D7.2 Exploitation and innovation guidelines and training materials for user groups 7 RBINS Report

EUROFLEETS D7.2 Exploitation And Innovation Guidelines For User Groups V2 RIBNS (1.3 MiB)

D1.3 Eurofleets+ Data Management Plan 1 RBINS Report

D1.3 Eurofleets+ Data Management Plan V1.1 RBINS (1.2 MiB)

D4.5 Handbook on cruise prerequisites to access Eurofleets+ RVs 4 MI Report

D4.5 Handbook On Cruise Prerequisites V1 MI (2.2 MiB)

D4.6 Data management plan tool (customized DMPonline) 4 RBINS DEM

D4.6 Data Management Plan Tool (customized DMPonline) V1.0 RBINS (1.5 MiB)

D6.1 Eurofleets+ Training Toolkit for course directors 6 OGS Report

EurofleetsPlus D6.1 Training Toolkit For Course Directors V2.0 OGS (1.4 MiB)

D9.3 Eurofleets+ Promotional and Print Materials 9 EUROCEAN DEC

D9.3 Eurofleets+ Promotional And Print Materials (1.6 MiB)

D9.4 Dissemination toolbox for young researchers 9 EUROCEAN Report

D9.4 Toolkit For Young Researchers (4.0 MiB)

D9.5 Eurofleets + data sets catalogue 9 MARIS  

D9.5 Data Sets Catalogue V1 MARIS (1.1 MiB)

D3.1 EVIOR portal with selected functionality 3 MARIS DEM

D3.1 EVIOR-portal V2 Maris (3.2 MiB)

D3.2 Specification of required improvements and additions of shipboard data management system 3 CSIC DEM

D3.2 Specification Of Required Improvements Additions Of Shipboard Data Mgt System V1 CSIC (1.4 MiB)

D4.7 Data handling chain setup 4 RBINS DEM

D4.7 Data Handling Chain Setup V1.1 RBINS (1.0 MiB)

D3.3 EARS V2 deployment report 3 MARIS Report

EurofleetsPlus D3.3 EARS V2 Deployment Report V1 MARIS (6.7 MiB)

D3.4 Guideline for control and optimisation of hard/software. 3 VIP Report

Eurofleets+ D3.4 Guideline For Control Of Optimisation Of Hardware Sofware V1.3 VIP (1.6 MiB)

D3.5 Review of current and future deep water requirements. 3 NIOZ Report

EurofleetsPlus D3.5 Review Of Current And Future Deep Water Requirements V3 NIOZ (1.8 MiB)

D4.8 Selection report 1 – SEA Programme; Co-PI Programme; and RTA Programme 4 AWI Report

EUROFLEETSPlus D4.8 Selection Report SEA Programme V1 AWI (1.5 MiB)

D5.1 Strategic agenda for stakeholder engagement 5 EMSO ERIC Report

Eurofleets-Plus D5.1 (2.0 MiB)

D9.6 Communication Package towards other infrastructures 9 EUROCEAN Report

EUROFLEETS+ WP9.6 Communication Package Towards Other Infrastructures V1 Eurocean (47.5 MiB)

D8.1 SWOT analysis report 8 CNR Report

EurofleetsPlus D8.1 SWOT Analysis Report V6 CNR (1.7 MiB)

D9.7 Promotion pack and video materials for open days. 9 EUROCEAN DEC

EUROFLEETSPlus D9.7 Promotion Pack And Video Materials For Open Days V2 EurOcean (2.4 MiB)

D4.9 Data management follow-up report for funded cruises 4 RBINS Report  
D5.2 Report and recommendations from International Workshop 1 5 EMSO ERIC Report  
D3.8 Report on simulation and field trials of fully integrated system and recommendations 3 CSIC OTH

EurofleetsPlus D3.8 Report On Simulation And Field Trials Of Fully Integrated System Recom V1 CSIC (1.2 MiB)

D5.3 Map of user needs for research vessel infrastructure 5 EMSO ERIC Report

EurofleetsPlus D5.3 Map Of User Needs For Research Vessel Infrastructure V6 EMSO ERIC (702 KiB)

D3.12 Guideline for easy installation & configuration of the integrated shipboard system 3 RBINS  

EurofleetsPlus D3.12 Guideline For Easy Installation Configuration Of The Integrated Shipboard System V1.1 RBINS (258 KiB)

D3.13 Specification of the virtual playground functionality 3 OGS Report

EUROFLEETSPlus D3.13 Specification Of The Virtual Playground Functionality V1 OGS (322 KiB)

D3.14 Guideline on telepresence implementation 3 MI Report  
D6.2 Interim report on all Eurofleets+ training and education programmes 6 OGS Report

EurofleetsPlus D6.2 Interim Report On All Eurofleets+ Training And Education Programmes OGS V2 (6.8 MiB)

D8.2 First report on Eurofleets+ legacy 8 Ifremer Report

EurofleetsPlus D8.2 First Report On Eurofleets Legacy V3 IFREMER (1.5 MiB)

D9.8 Report on JRA activities special science session 9 CSIC Report  
D9.9 Interim Report on promoting the Marine science technology synergies 9 CSIC Report  
D9.10 Dissemination and communication impacts interim report 9 EUROCEAN Report

EurofleetsPlus D9.10 Dissemination And Communication Impacts V1.2 EurOcean (2.7 MiB)


En-Route data collection exploitation and promotion interim report

D4.10 Selection report 2 – SEA Programme; Co-PI Programme; and RTA Programme 4 AWI Report  
D6.3 Blue skills Workshops (report) 6 TUT DEC  
D3.20 Viability Study of design of interchangeable drum winches (IDW) 3 CSIC Report  
D4.11 Performance evaluation: satisfaction survey of the call for proposals 4 TUT Report  
D4.12 Data management follow-up report 2 for funded cruises 4 RBINS Report  
D6.4 Ocean Classroom established with Online Digital Resources 6 MI DEC  
D9.12 Video disseminating activities of a TA cruise 9 EUROCEAN DEC  
D3.26 Report on validated virtual playground tools on the EVIOR portal 3 MARIS DEM  
D6.5 Report on pilot study of ‘Ship to Shore’ program 6 MI Report  
D6.6 Blue Skills Labs (report) 6 UGOT Report  
D3.27 EVIOR portal with full functionality 3 MARIS DEM  
D3.29 Report on experimental results on shallow water cooperative AUV/ASV navigation & Guidance. 3 UdG Report  
D5.4 Report and recommendations from International Workshop 2 5 EMSO ERIC Report  
D6.7 Report on Access and Exchange Programmes including Case Studies 6 OGS Report  
D9.13 Summary achievements and recommendations for policymakers 9 EUROCEAN DEC  
D6.8 Floating Universities (video/report) 6 OGS Report  
D7.6 Eurofleets+ Innovation Case Studies 7 RBINS Report  
D2.1 Report on transnational and virtual access statistics 2 MI Report  
D4.13 Performance evaluation: satisfaction survey of the research cruises 4 AWI Report  
D4.14 Report on cruise implementation, post cruise assessment and lessons learned 4 AWI Report  
D4.15 Synthesis of the data management follow-up reports, lessons learned and recommendations 4 AWI Report  
D5.5 Map of user needs for research vessel infrastructure. 5 EMSO ERIC Report  
D5.6 Strategic agenda for future stakeholder engagement 5 EMSO ERIC Report  
D6.9 Impact of Eurofleets+ training and education from perspective of Eurofleets+ Alumni 6 MI Report  
D7.7 Innovation Committee final report 7 RBINS Report  
D8.5 Scenarios for a permanent fleets coordination platform 8 IFREMER Report  
D8.6 Eurofleets+ roadmap and guidelines 8 CNR Report  
D9.14 Final Report on promoting the Marine science technology synergies 9 CSIC DEC  

Research and en-route data collection exploitation and promotion final report

9 MARIS Report  

Dissemination and communication impacts report, including case studies