Del. No. Deliverable name WP No. Short name of lead participant Type Level Delivery date (Month) Report
D10.1 POPD – Requirement No. 1 10 MI Ethics CO 1  
D4.1 Definition of the Eurofleets+ Access Programme 4 AWI R PU 2

D4.1 Definition Of Access Programme (856 KiB)

D10.4 A – Requirement No. 4 10 MI Ethics CO 2  
D1.1 Report on Eurofleets+ kickoff meeting 1 MI R PU 3

D1.1 Report On KOM Without List Of Participants (1.6 MiB)

D1.2 Report on Eurofleets+ project launch 1 MI R PU 3

D1.2 Report On Project Launch (4.0 MiB)

D4.2 Overview of interoperability between Eurofleets+ RVs and the offered marine equipment 4 MI R PU 3

D4.2 Overview Of Interoperability Between Eurofleets+ RVs And The Offered Marine Equipment V1 MI (1.9 MiB)

D7.1 Exploitation and innovation plan 7 RBINS R CO 3

Confidential – Available to Consortium Only


D9.1 Updated Dissemination and Communication Plan 9 EUROCEAN R PU 3

D9.1 Dissemination And Communication Plan (2.4 MiB)

D10.5 NEC – Requirement No. 5 10 MI Ethics CO 3  
D4.3 Call documentation for the SEA Programme; Co-PI Programme; and RTA Programme 4 AWI R PU 4

EurofleetsPlus D4.3 Call Documentation For SEA Programme V1 AWI (3.0 MiB)

D4.4 Data management plan template for funded cruises 4 RBINS R PU 4

D4.4 Data Management Plan Template For Funded Cruise Final (1.3 MiB)

D9.2 Eurofleets+ Project Website 9 BLIT R PU 4

D9.2 Project Website (1.4 MiB)

D7.2 Exploitation and innovation guidelines and training materials for user groups 7 RBINS R PU 5

EUROFLEETS D7.2 Exploitation And Innovation Guidelines For User Groups V2 RIBNS (1.3 MiB)

D1.3 Eurofleets+ Data Management Plan 1 RBINS R PU 6

D1.3 Eurofleets+ Data Management Plan V1.1 RBINS (1.2 MiB)

D4.5 Handbook on cruise prerequisites to access Eurofleets+ RVs 4 MI R PU 6

D4.5 Handbook On Cruise Prerequisites V1 MI (2.2 MiB)

D4.6 Data management plan tool (customized DMPonline) 4 RBINS DEM PU 6

D4.6 Data Management Plan Tool (customized DMPonline) V1.0 RBINS (1.5 MiB)

D6.1 Eurofleets+ Training Toolkit for course directors 6 OGS R PU 6

EurofleetsPlus D6.1 Training Toolkit For Course Directors V2.0 OGS (1.4 MiB)

D9.3 Eurofleets+ Promotional and Print Materials 9 EUROCEAN DEC PU 6

D9.3 Eurofleets+ Promotional And Print Materials (1.6 MiB)

D9.4 Dissemination toolbox for young researchers 9 EUROCEAN R PU 6

D9.4 Toolkit For Young Researchers (4.0 MiB)

D9.5 Eurofleets + data sets catalogue 9 MARIS   PU 6

D9.5 Data Sets Catalogue V1 MARIS (1.1 MiB)

D10.2 NEC – Requirement No. 2 10 MI Ethics CO 6  
D10.3 EPQ – Requirement No. 3 10 MI Ethics CO 6  
D3.1 EVIOR portal with selected functionality 3 MARIS DEM PU 8

D3.1 EVIOR-portal V2 Maris (3.2 MiB)

D3.2 Specification of required improvements and additions of shipboard data management system 3 CSIC DEM PU 8

D3.2 Specification Of Required Improvements Additions Of Shipboard Data Mgt System V1 CSIC (1.4 MiB)

D4.7 Data handling chain setup 4 RBINS DEM PU 8

D4.7 Data Handling Chain Setup V1.1 RBINS (1.0 MiB)

D3.3 EARS V2 deployment report 3 MARIS R PU 12

EurofleetsPlus D3.3 EARS V2 Deployment Report V1 MARIS (6.7 MiB)

D3.4 Guideline for control and optimisation of hard/software. 3 VIP R PU 12

Eurofleets+ D3.4 Guideline For Control Of Optimisation Of Hardware Sofware V1.3 VIP (1.6 MiB)

D3.5 Review of current and future deep water requirements. 3 NIOZ R PU 12

EurofleetsPlus D3.5 Review Of Current And Future Deep Water Requirements V3 NIOZ (1.8 MiB)

D4.8 Selection report 1 – SEA Programme; Co-PI Programme; and RTA Programme 4 AWI R PU 12

EUROFLEETSPlus D4.8 Selection Report SEA Programme V1 AWI (1.5 MiB)

D5.1 Strategic agenda for stakeholder engagement 5 EMSO ERIC R PU 12

Eurofleets-Plus D5.1 (2.0 MiB)

D9.6 Communication Package towards other infrastructures 9 EUROCEAN R PU 12

EUROFLEETS+ WP9.6 Communication Package Towards Other Infrastructures V1 Eurocean (47.5 MiB)

D8.1 SWOT analysis report 8 CNR R PU 16

EurofleetsPlus D8.1 SWOT Analysis Report V6 CNR (1.7 MiB)

D9.7 Promotion pack and video materials for open days. 9 EUROCEAN DEC PU 16

EUROFLEETSPlus D9.7 Promotion Pack And Video Materials For Open Days V2 EurOcean (2.4 MiB)

D3.6 Guidelines on use and limitations of drum winches vs captive winches USING Aramid Cables 3 CSIC R CO 30  
D4.9 Data management follow-up report for funded cruises 4 RBINS R PU 36  
D7.3 Industry platform report on market needs and innovation potential 7 VIP R CO 30  
D3.7 Real-time optical target recognition using machine learning 3 CORONIS OTH CO 19  
D5.2 Report and recommendations from International Workshop 1 5 EMSO ERIC R PU 30  
D3.8 Report on simulation and field trials of fully integrated system and recommendations 3 CSIC OTH PU 26

EurofleetsPlus D3.8 Report On Simulation And Field Trials Of Fully Integrated System Recom V1 CSIC (1.2 MiB)

D5.3 Map of user needs for research vessel infrastructure 5 EMSO ERIC R PU 22

EurofleetsPlus D5.3 Map Of User Needs For Research Vessel Infrastructure V6 EMSO ERIC (702 KiB)

D3.9 Release of production version of upgraded EARS software, including documentation 3 RBINS OTH CO


D3.10 Release of Data Acquisition System Software. 3 Ifremer R CO 28  
D3.11 Release of production version of upgraded SSR system software. 3 CSIC R CO 28  
D3.12 Guideline for easy installation & configuration of the integrated shipboard system 3 RBINS   PU 29

EurofleetsPlus D3.12 Guideline For Easy Installation Configuration Of The Integrated Shipboard System V1.1 RBINS (258 KiB)

D3.13 Specification of the virtual playground functionality 3 OGS R PU 27

EUROFLEETSPlus D3.13 Specification Of The Virtual Playground Functionality V1 OGS (322 KiB)

D3.14 Guideline on telepresence implementation 3 MI R PU 36  
D3.15 Outline Design of Electric winch 3 MacArtney A/S R CO 26  
D3.16 Functional system specification 3 SEAONICS R CO 26  
D6.2 Interim report on all Eurofleets+ training and education programmes 6 OGS R PU 26

EurofleetsPlus D6.2 Interim Report On All Eurofleets+ Training And Education Programmes OGS V2 (6.8 MiB)

D8.2 First report on Eurofleets+ legacy 8 Ifremer R PU 29

EurofleetsPlus D8.2 First Report On Eurofleets Legacy V3 IFREMER (1.5 MiB)

D9.8 Report on JRA activities special science session 9 CSIC R PU 42  
D9.9 Interim Report on promoting the Marine science technology synergies 9 CSIC R PU 36  
D9.10 Dissemination and communication impacts interim report 9 EUROCEAN R PU 24

EurofleetsPlus D9.10 Dissemination And Communication Impacts V1.2 EurOcean (2.7 MiB)


En-Route data collection exploitation and promotion interim report

D7.4 Innovation Committee interim report 7 RBINS R CO 26  

Specification of system architecture and modules

3 OGS R CO 33  
D3.18 Dynamic Simulation model 3 SEAONICS R CO 36  
D4.10 Selection report 2 – SEA Programme; Co-PI Programme; and RTA Programme 4 AWI R PU 36  
D6.3 Blue skills Workshops (report) 6 TUT DEC PU 36  
D3.19 Recommendations for selected vessels types for securing arrangements for portable winches 3 MI R CO 38  
D3.20 Viability Study of design of interchangeable drum winches (IDW) 3 CSIC R PU 46  
D3.21 Outline design of multipurpose crane/handling system for deep water operations for regional /Ocean vessels 3 CSIC DEM CO 46  
D3.22 Concept Design package for moon-pool and over side ROV equipment 3 SEAONICS DEM CO 36  
D3.23 Online 3D mapping module as a cloud of 3D points 3 UdG DEM CO 36  
D3.24 Deepsea cooperative AUV/ASV: Range only Navigation. 3 Ifremer DEM CO 36  
D3.25 Shallow water cooperative AUV/ASV: Navigation & Guidance. Hardware in the Loop Simulation 3 IQUA DEM CO 36  
D4.11 Performance evaluation: satisfaction survey of the call for proposals 4 TUT R PU 40  
D4.12 Data management follow-up report 2 for funded cruises 4 RBINS R PU 54  
D6.4 Ocean Classroom established with Online Digital Resources 6 MI DEC PU 36  
D8.3 Report on feasibility study for implementation of a transnational access system, including business plan 8 CNR R CO 36  
D9.12 Video disseminating activities of a TA cruise 9 EUROCEAN DEC PU 52  
D3.26 Report on validated virtual playground tools on the EVIOR portal 3 MARIS DEM PU 46  
D6.5 Report on pilot study of ‘Ship to Shore’ program 6 MI R PU 48  
D6.6 Blue Skills Labs (report) 6 UGOT R PU 46  
D3.27 EVIOR portal with full functionality 3 MARIS DEM PU 46  
D3.28 EARS V3 deployment report 3 MARIS DEM CO 46  
D3.29 Report on experimental results on shallow water cooperative AUV/ASV navigation & Guidance. 3 UdG R PU 42  
D7.5 Eurofleets+ Exploitation Roadmap 7 RBINS R CO 42  
D5.4 Report and recommendations from International Workshop 2 5 EMSO ERIC R PU 44  
D6.7 Report on Access and Exchange Programmes including Case Studies 6 OGS R PU 53  
D9.13 Summary achievements and recommendations for policymakers 9 EUROCEAN DEC PU 45  
D6.8 Floating Universities (video/report) 6 OGS R PU 52  
D7.6 Eurofleets+ Innovation Case Studies 7 RBINS R PU 46  
D2.1 Report on transnational and virtual access statistics 2 MI R PU 57  
D4.13 Performance evaluation: satisfaction survey of the research cruises 4 AWI R PU 57  
D4.14 Report on cruise implementation, post cruise assessment and lessons learned 4 AWI R PU 57  
D4.15 Synthesis of the data management follow-up reports, lessons learned and recommendations 4 AWI R PU 57  
D5.5 Map of user needs for research vessel infrastructure. 5 EMSO ERIC R PU 48  
D5.6 Strategic agenda for future stakeholder engagement 5 EMSO ERIC R PU 48  
D6.9 Impact of Eurofleets+ training and education from perspective of Eurofleets+ Alumni 6 MI R PU 53  
D7.7 Innovation Committee final report 7 RBINS R PU 48  
D8.4 Report on transnational access pilot groups 8 CNR R CO 48  
D8.5 Scenarios for a permanent fleets coordination platform 8 IFREMER R PU 48  
D8.6 Eurofleets+ roadmap and guidelines 8 CNR R PU 48  
D9.14 Final Report on promoting the Marine science technology synergies 9 CSIC DEC PU 48  

Research and en-route data collection exploitation and promotion final report

9 MARIS R PU 56  

Dissemination and communication impacts report, including case studies