Sustainable ocean observation: a collaborative statement approved by attendees after EMD2023

Following the workshop “Sustainable ocean observation, from open sea to coast: shared responsibilities” organised by EuroGOOS, EOOS, Ifremer, Eurofleets+, Esprit de Velox, Euro-Argo ERIC and EMODnet, held on Thursday May 25th at the European Maritime Day (EMD2023), a collaborative statement has been approved by attendees.

The very successful workshop – which reached near capacity – was followed by a constructive question and answer session on how ocean observation stakeholders are consolidating their efforts to promote the long-term coordination and sustainability of ocean observation.

To achieve a concrete outcome from the fruitful discussions, the organisers shared a statement on the key role of in situ marine data collection in Ocean Observation, and invited participants to contribute their views through a shared online survey and a collaborative document. Following a few days of editing and feedback, we are happy to publish the accomplishment of this joint reflection:


The final collaborative statement

In situ measurements of the ocean provide scientific evidence for understanding the functioning and health of the ocean, assessing and monitoring the impacts of multiple stressors (climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution) and finding solutions to the major challenges we face (energy efficiency, reduction of ecological impact…).

This vital activity relies on a combination of standardised platforms, networks of sensors, and data management systems developed and maintained by Research Infrastructures, observing networks and the people implementing them working collaboratively to deliver maximum efficiency.

In the era of digital twins, contributors to political, business and investment decisions, and key players in reducing human impact on the environment, there is an urgent need for a European policy of   support and incentives for data producers to ensure that in situ observation systems can fulfill their long-term potential, supporting the mission for sustainable ocean observation.


Speakers and moderators of the workshop “Sustainable ocean observation, from open sea to coast: shared responsibilities” at EMD 2023. From left to right: Dina Eparkhina, European Global Ocean Observing System (EuroGOOS); Kate Larkin, EMODnet; Rémy Denos, European Commission, DG MARE; Nicolas Pade, EMBRC ERIC; Jean-Marie Flaud, French Ministry of Research and European Strategic Working Group on Environment – ESFRI; Yann-Hervé De Roeck, Euro-Argo ERIC; Ghada El Serafy, EuroGOOS; Inga Lips,EuroGOOS and EOOS Framework; Francois Frey, Esprit de Velox; Lucie Cocquempot, Ifremer; Toste Tanhua, Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) and EuroSea project; Niamh Flavin, Eurofleets+. © Euro-Argo ERIC

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