Vessel Profile

Home port:
La Seyne sur Mer, France
Home port Coordinates:
Latitude: 43° 6' 10.714" N Longitude: 5° 52' 41.588" E
Organisation & Address:

French Oceanographic Fleet Management, Ifremer Brest,
165 Sainte Anne Road, CS 10070, 29280 Plouzané, France

Normal Area of Operation:

Mediterranean Sea

Max No of EF+ Days:
Vessel details:




Gross Tonnage

Ice class


Service speed

Max No. Scientific


No. of EF+ Scientific Berths




335 UMS



9 knots



Technical Detail

Laboratory Facilities (fixed and temporary):
  • Scientific control room and laboratory wet and dry (50 m²)
  • Freezing dock fish -20°C
  • Freezing tunnel -40°C
  • Capacity to carry 1 x 20ft containerized labs. 
  • Underway T+S,
  • Thermosalinometer
  • Meteorological sensors.
CTD/Plankton sampling:

Towed and lowered plankton nets (Including Multi-net)

Multi-Beam(s)/ Sub Bottom profiling:

Medium and High resolution systems: EM2040 (500m).

Fisheries Echo Sounders/Sonar:

EK 80 @ 18,38, 70, 120, 200, 333 Khz, ME70



Coring/Sampling Capabilities:

Max deployment depth 6000m. Box Core and Day Grab


ï 2 winches for trawl ropes : L 2700 m

ï Hydrographic winch : 5000 m x 10.8 mm

ï  Netsonde winch 1500 m x 10 mm

ï Gilson winch 50 m x 20 mm

  • 1 Station SMDSM
  • 1 Inmarsat M Nera
  • Itineris 8 W
  • GSM Itinéris
  • Inmarsat M
  • Télécopie InmarsatT M
  • Télex Inmarsat C
Special features:

Silent vessel (ICES 209)

Suitable for:

Multipurpose silent research vessel.  Suitable for carrying out a wide variety of scientific survey operations in offshore and deep-sea locations.  The vessel is adapted to accommodate a variety of Remotely Operated Vehicles.

Vessel capable of pelagic  and demersal trawling  to 2000m, Fisheries acoustic surveys, Hydrographic survey, Oceanographic surveys, Mooring deployments, Seismic surveys, AUV/HROV Surveys, Benthic surveys 

Scientific Limitations:
Vessel capability to support ROV deployment:


Support Offered to EurofleetsPlus Users:

All vessel equipment will be made available to Eurofleets Plus users on request. Technical support on vessel equipment will be available during the entire survey.

Vessel availability by location and by year/time of year for Eurofleets+:



Availability by Month

Ports of operation in the period of availability


Normal operating area as above

March, April, mid-September to mid October



Normal operating area as above

Depending on Fleet Programming




Normal operating area as above

Depending on Fleet Programming


Contact Details

Applicants are welcomed to discuss the initial feasibility of their work while they prepare their application with the operator of RV L’Europe at e-mail address: Francois.Perroud@ifremer.fr

Medical certification required for joining the vessel and the list of acceptable certificates.

The following certification is required:

Confidential medical information

Note please contact Francois.Perroud@ifremer.fr for any queries regarding certification further information here http://www.flotteoceanographique.fr/campagnesscient/Aptitude-medicale (english version) and recommendations to medical practitioners regarding medical contraindications for embarkation concerning non-mariner professional personnel (English version)

Are additional medical checks required

Yes if additional diving activity during the cruise

Survival training certification required for joining vessel

List of acceptable equivalent certification:

None but SCTW personal survival techniques training is recommanded

Additional certification required e.g. Ship security awareness / other

None but ships security awareness knowledge is recommanded

Diplomatic clearance required for area of operation

Yes for operations in the states EEZ’s. Required to be submitted to Francois.Perroud@ifremer.fr 8 months prior to the cruise. Link to the form: http://www.flotteoceanographique.fr/campagnesscient/Demande-de-travaux-dans-les-eaux-etrangeres

Additional clearances required for area or type of activity

Additional clearances for operations:

– in special areas of Conservation (Marine Natural parks, protected marine areas, …)

– seismic operations: Required to be submitted to Francois.Perroud@ifremer.fr 8 months prior to the cruise.

Link to information concerning risks for marine mammals: https://www.flotteoceanographique.fr/content/download/132369/file/ASTI-2019-148_VFsigne-Protocole-Protection-Mammiferes-Sismique.pdf

Link to acoustic noise requirements and protocol for seismic emissions: https://www.flotteoceanographique.fr/Les-campagnes/Campagnes-mode-d-emploi/Documents-de-campagnes/Controle-des-risques-sonores-pour-les-mammiferes-marins

– access and benefit-sharing established by Article 14 of the Nagoya Protocol (https://absch.cbd.int/)

Other requirements for other jurisdictions to be addressed via diplomatic clearance process.

Fisheries research vessel, 29.60 m long, delivered in 1993.

The primarily fisheries-based missions are :

  • Population ecology
  • Fisheries stock assessment
  • Study of resource distribution over time and space
  • Fishery and product processing techniques

The ship carries out other types of missions:

  • Deployment of the AUV and HROV,
  • Deployment of coring
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