RV Svea

Vessel Profile

Home port:
Lysekil Sweden
Home port Coordinates:
Latitude: 58.266667 Longitude: 11.433333
Organisation & Address:

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Ship Management Unit
P.O. Box 7021, 750 07 UPPSALA

Visiting address: Almas allé 8

Normal Area of Operation:

North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat, Baltic Sea, Bothnian Sea

Max No of EF+ Days:
Vessel details:


Length Breadth Draught Gross Tonnage Ice class DP Service speed Max No. Scientific Berths No. of Scientific Berths
69,5 m 15,8 m 5,4 m 3148 1B 1 11 knot 21 21

Technical Detail

Laboratory Facilities (fixed and temporary):

Laboratory Facilities (fixed and temporary)

Fish lab: Sorting and analysis of fish
MIK lab: Handling and analysis of fish larvae and plankton
Instrument workshop: Service of instruments. Electrical workshop.
Oceanographic workshop: Multipurpose area for handling of instrument platforms like buoys, gliders, towed vehicles etc. Also for work with sediment samples including sieving station for benthos.
Wet lab: Sampling of plankton, water and sediment
CTD Hangar: CTD rosette operations. Handling of water samples
Chemical lab: For analysis and management of data from water samples. Office compartment.
Nutrient analysis lab: For analysis of nutrients
Isotope lab: Handling of samples using radioactive substances
Ferrybox room: Continuous underway surface measurements

Additional laboratories, equipment etc can be taken on board in containers.

On the work deck there is space for:
• two 20 feet containers in longitudinal placement or one 20 feet container in latitudal placement on stareboard side
• one 20 feet container or two 10 feet containers centrally

Maximum container capacity is thus three 20 feet containers.

CTD/Plankton sampling:

Specially designed CTD Rosette with 24, 5L water bottles on a rotatable rack. A SBE 9+ and HD video camera via fibreoptic multiplexer with several free serial and ethernet ports. SBE 9+ additional sensors: 2 x oxygen, Wetlab FLNTUS, Wetlab FLPC.

SBE 19 CTD also available.

Multi-Beam(s)/ Sub Bottom profiling:

• Scientific echo sounder (EK80, 10-500 kHz), in drop keel and in ROTV (Focus 2), remotely operated towed vehicle.
• Multibeam sonar (MS70), in drop keel.
• Multibeam echo sounder (ME70), in drop keel.

Fisheries Echo Sounders/Sonar:

• Long range, low frequency fish finding sonar SX90 (20-30 kHz)
• High resolution, high frequency fishery sonar SH90 (110-120 kHz)


HI-PAP and underwater navigation system for acoustic positioning and navigation of e.g. remotely operated underwater vehicles, (SSBL/USBL). 

Coring/Sampling Capabilities:



Winches Oceanographic (Heave compensated):

• CTD winch, 1 500 m – ø11.5 mm (optic fiber), SWL 8 kN
• Multi-purpose winch, 3 000 m – ø11.5 mm (optic fiber), SWL 15 kN
• Bow towing winch, 300 m – ø11.5 mm (optic fiber), SWL 15 kN
• Hydrographic winch, 1 500 m – ø6 mm stainless wire, SWL 5 kN
• Net towing/Coring winch, 1 500 m, ø16 mm dyneema wire, SWL 120 kN

Oceanographic (net drum for moorings):

• Movable deck winch, 300 m, ø30 mm synthetic wire, SWL 30 kN


• 2 x trawl winches, 2 500 m, ø26 mm, SWL 290 kN
• 2 x net drums, 2×10,4 m3, SWL 170 kN
• Auxiliary winch, 100 m, ø20 mm, SWL 10 kN
• Net sounder winch, 2 500 m, ø11 mm, SWL 15 kN
2 x trawl door winches, 600 m, ø28 mm, SWL 25 kN


Dual Ku band VSAT systems, various speed profiles offered.
Dual 4G systems.

Special features:

Special features Silent vessel (ICES 209). The vessel is fully equipped for demersal trawling as well as pelagic trawling with:

• GOV-trawl (grand ouverture vertical)
• TV-3-trawl
• pelagic Fotö-trawl

The iSYM Autotrawl system from Scantrol gives full control of the trawls’ geometry.

Two aft cranes, A-frame and large net drums for mooring and buoy deployments.
Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP 200) for underway profiles of CTD, oxygen and Chl-a fluorescence.

Three identical, movable fiber optic multiplexers to be used with the three fiber optic oceanographic winches to serve as agile instrument platforms for users.

Two ROTV’s (Remotely Operated Towed Vehicles) from Macartney.

A Triaxus with a SBE9+ and lots of free space for additional payloads.

A Focus with EK 80 and HoloLense.

Fully equipped weather station: wind, temp, humidity, pressure, visibility, precipitation, cloud height.

Radiation: PAR, global solar irradiance, radiation for ocean colour (sea thruthing for remote sensing).

Underway surface measurements:

• Ferrybox for temp, salinity, oxygen, fluorescence (chl-a, turbidity, phycocyanin, cdom), pH, pCO2
• IFCB – Imaging Flow Cytometry of phytoplankton
• Automated net sampler for zoo- or phytoplankton

Automated and refrigerated water sampler

Suitable for:

Multipurpose silent research vessel. Suitable for carrying out a wide variety of scientific survey operations in offshore and deep-sea locations. The vessel is adapted to accommodate a variety of Remotely Operated Vehicles.

Vessel capable of pelagic and demersal trawling to 2200 m, Fisheries acoustic surveys, Hydrographic survey, Oceanographic surveys, Mooring deployments, Seismic surveys, ROV Surveys, Benthic surveys.

Scientific Limitations:
  • Deployment of gear limited to 2500m
  • Coring
Vessel capability to support ROV deployment:

The vessel is prepared for using a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) that can be operative at a depth of down to 3,000 meters. The ROV will be taken onboard as a container module.

Crane and A-Frame for Launch and recovery.

Support Offered to EurofleetsPlus Users:

All vessel equipment will be made available to users on request.

Vessel availability by location and by year/time of year for Eurofleets+:

Homeport: Lysekil Sweden

Coordinates: Latitude: 58°16′ Longitude: 11°26′


Contact Details

Applicants are welcomed to contact the operator of RV Svea at e-mail address: fartygsenheten@slu.se

Medical certification required for joining the vessel and the list of acceptable certificates.

No certification required.

Are additional medical checks required

No medical checks required.

Survival training certification required for joining vessel

List of acceptable equivalent certification:

No certification requirements.

Additional certification required e.g. Ship security awareness / other


Diplomatic clearance required for area of operation

Yes, occasionally, depending on territorial waters entered.

Additional clearances required for area or type of activity


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