Vessel Profile

Home port:
Wellington, New Zealand
Home port Coordinates:
Latitude: 41⁰18’42 Longitude: 174⁰48’42
Organisation & Address:

NIWA Vessel Management Ltd

301 Evans Bay Parade, Greta Point, Wellington 6021

New Zealand

Link to Vessel Schedules:

Please contact NIWA Vessels as not in public domain

Normal Area of Operation:

NZ EEZ predominantly. North and East into Pacific Basin, West Australia, Southern Ocean to Ross Sea Antarctica 77S 

Max No of EF+ Days:
Vessel details:




Gross Tonnage

Ice class


Service speed

Max No. Scientific


No. of


Scientific Berths

70m LOA



2291 T

1 C


10.5 Knots



Technical Detail

Laboratory Facilities (fixed and temporary):

Wet and dry labs, Chem lab with fume hood, Freezers (-20, -80C), temp controlled lab

Capacity for 3 x 20ft container labs

CTD/Plankton sampling:

12 & 24 bottle SBE CTD, 6000m capability, Towed plankton nets and Plankton recorder

Multi-Beam(s)/ Sub Bottom profiling:

Kongsberg EM302 (7000m depth), EM2040 (500m), TOPAS 18 Sub Bottom Profiler

Fisheries Echo Sounders/Sonar:

Simrad ES60, EK60 , 18,38,70,120 & 200kHz

RDI Ocean Surveyor ADCP (75 kHz)


Kongsberg HiPAP 500 USBL

Coring/Sampling Capabilities:

Gravity and Piston Cores to 6m, Box corer, Multicorer, rock dredges, grabs. Max depth 10,000m


Trawl winches (4000m 28mm, 40T pull), Full fishing winch system (Gilson, Sweep, Outhaul, Codend)

Scientific winches;

Deep Ocean (10,000m, 16mm steel cable)

CTD (8000m, 10.5mm Rochester conducting cable)

Camera Winch (3000m, 10.5mm Rochester conducting cable)


V-SAT, Inmarsat FBB500, Iridium Openport

Special features:
Suitable for:

Multipurpose research vessel.  The vessel has accommodated a variety of specialised equipment; ROV, AUV, CPT, Vibrocorer, benthic sleds, corers, cameras etc.

Offshore Engineering Support, Fisheries Stock Assessment, Exploratory Fishing Studies, Seabed Investigations, Environmental Protection Studies, High Resolution Seismic Acquisition and Antarctic Studies.

Deployment of Current and Wave Measuring Instruments

Vessel capable of pelagic and demersal trawling to 2200m, Fisheries acoustic surveys, Bathymetric and Hydrographic survey, Oceanographic surveys & Mooring deployments. 

Scientific Limitations:

Coring limited to 6m core length.

Seismic Streamer – Geometrics GeoEel, 48 channel active

Section, length 600 metres.

Containerised Compressor – 185 cuft/min @ 2,000 psi 

Vessel capability to support ROV deployment:

Can accommodate smaller work class ROV, 400kVA power supply. DP2, USBL, 10T A-Frame, Ships Crane midships

Support Offered to EurofleetsPlus Users:

All vessel equipment and technician support will be made available to EurofleetsPlus Users on request. 

Applicants should contact the vessel operator directly to verify which equipment is included with the Eurofleets+ funding, and discuss what the additional costs may be for other equipment requested.

Vessel availability by location and by year/time of year for Eurofleets+:



Availability by Month

Ports of operation in the period of availability


Normal Operating Area around NZ EEZ


Wellington, NZ


As above, Planned voyage to Ross Sea in Austral Summer


Wellington, NZ


Normal Operating Area around NZ EEZ


Wellington, NZ

Contact Details

Applicants are welcomed to discuss the initial feasibility of their work while they prepare their application with the operator of RV Tangaroa at Rob.Christie@niwa.co.nz or Greg.Foothead@niwa.co.nz

Medical certification required for joining the vessel and the list of acceptable certificates.

Maritime NZ Seafarers Medical Certificate

MCA seafarers medical (UK)

AMSA seafarers medical (Aust) or equivalent

STCW Certification accepted also (< 2 years)

Are additional medical checks required

NIWA (enhanced) Antarctic Medical required for Antarctic Voyages

Survival training certification required for joining vessel

List of acceptable equivalent certification:

SCTW Personal survival techniques training

Additional certification required e.g. Ship security awareness / other

No certification for security is required just an awareness of what is considered normal security measures.

Diplomatic clearance required for area of operation

Yes for some Pacific regions

Additional clearances required for area or type of activity

Environmental Protection Act (EPA) application required for seabed sampling

NZ Biosecurity Act – permits required for landing of biological samples

Marine scientific activities that interact with the seabed, subsoil or marine life living on or in the seabed in the EEZ, and extended continental shelf or that places equipment in the water column of the EEZ, may require notification to the EPA as a permitted activity, at least 40 working days prior to the activity commencing. It is important NIWA are consulted on any application that involved Tangaroa. Please contact: activitynotifications@niwa.co.nz and for biosecurity: biosecuritywellington@niwa.co.nz

See http://www.epa.govt.nz/EEZ/undertake_activity/Marine-scientific-research/Pages/default.aspx

Any samples that are obtained may need MPI clearance. See https://www.mpi.govt.nz/importing/border-clearance/vessels/arrival-process-steps/

Any items that are intended to be dumped in the EEZ or extended continental shelf as part of marine scientific research may require a marine dumping consent from the EPA. Applying for a marine dumping consent requires at least 60 working days’ notice be given to the EPA. http://www.epa.govt.nz/EEZ/undertake_activity/dumping/Pages/default.aspx

If the vessel is to leave the EEZ you will be responsible for organising Customs clearance. http://www.customs.govt.nz/news/resources/factsheets/Documents/Fact%20Sheet%2039.pdf

(NIWA are well versed in the procedures and processes and can facilitate the applications for permits etc)

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