Galway, Ireland
Location Coordinates:
53.270962, -9.062691
Organisation & Address:

Marine Institute, Rinville, Oranmore, Co Galway

Max No of EF+ Days:

Depth Rating




Weight in Air

Total System Weight


Endurance (AUV)









Technical Detail

General Information:

The Holland 1 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) system is a scientific deep-water ROV system.  The system is designed for deployment from the MI vessel RV Celtic Explorer as well as other vessels of opportunity.  The system consists of a SMD Quasar work class Hydraulic ROV, Tether management system (optional), A- frame launch and recovery system and a deepwater (3000m) winch.  The system is controlled from a 20’ control container and comes with a fully equipped 20’ workshop container.

The system has been equipped with a survey skid to accommodate a wide range of scientific equipment including various biological and sediment sampling and multi-beam bathymetry systems.

The vehicle is equipped with seven and five function manipulators to enable a wide variety of intervention and sampling procedures to be completed. 

The vehicle is equipped with conventional video and still cameras and a high definition camera system as well as powerful lighting to ensure high quality observation and documentation of seafloor images.

The ROV is designed to be used in Tether Management System or live boating mode to ensure optimal system configuration in deep or medium depth locations.

Vessel Requirements:

Dynamic positioning , Deck capacity for 2 x 20’ containers, 9m x 4.5m A-frame and winch, 380-480vac power supply 200kva for control Van (with high startup load), 70kva for umbilical winch and A Frame , USBL system, Total system weight; 75Tonnes


Horizontal & Vertical thrusters         

Forward, Vertical and lateral bollard pulls               

Auto Features: Depth, Altitude, Heading, Position


Stills and video high definition camera system

Positioning (USBL, etc):

1 x IXSEA GAPS USBL and 1 x Sonardyne Ranger 2 USBL

5 x MT8 2 x MT 9, 3 x WTM 8190 beacons


Gyro, DVL, Altitude, Depth, Sonar

Optional Items:

Multi-beam – configured to accommodate SeaBat 7125 with Octans subsea Gyro

Spare Electrical/Electronic Ports – 8 x RS485/232 Ports, 10 x Analogue I/O Ports

12, 24 & 48 VDC, 110VAC PSU’s available


2 x long reach 7F Schilling Orion (Normally fitted), 1x Rigmaster 2, 5F Grabber, 75mm slurp sampler with single chamber sample container, 2 x retractable Bio Boxes 535mm (w) x 400m (l) x 260mm (H) Additional sampling boxes can be fitted.  Hydraulic cable cutters, Sediment corers


SMD Tophat TMS, 400metres max tether length                          

3 x cameras (1 downwards facing)

Modality of Access

The ROV Holland I is made available for deployment from the RV Celtic Explorer and other suitable vessels for a maximum of 10 days. Equipment transportation costs up to a maximum amount will be covered by Eurofleets+.  Users should contact prior to submitting an application to ensure shipment costs from their location are covered.   

Support Offered to EurofleetsPlus Users

The ROV Holland I is available for all marine research disciplines.  Support will be provided to all users on all technical and logistic support needed for the organisation, mobilisation and the execution of planned campaigns.

Contact Details

Applicants are welcomed to discuss the initial feasibility of their work while they prepare their application with the operator of ROV Holland I at e-mail address:

Please indicate any clearances required for area or type of activity?

Special clearance may be required if working in one of Ireland’s Special Areas of Conservation and MSR clearance will be required if working in another state’s EEZ.

Infrastructure availability by year/time of year for EF+:


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Technical specification documents:

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