RV Laura Bassi

Vessel Profile

Home port:
Home port Coordinates:
Latitude: 45.65N Longitude: 013.75E
Organisation & Address:

OGS – Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale

Borgo Grotta Gigante 42/c – 34010 Sgonico (Trieste) – ITALY

Link to Vessel Schedules:

Please contact vessel operators for scheduling information. 

Normal Area of Operation:

Antarctica, Arctic Sea and Mediterranean Sea

Max No of EF+ Days:
Vessel details:




Gross Tonnage

Ice class


Service speed

Max No. Scientific


No. of EF+ Scientific Berths




4028 GT

Yes, IAI icebreaker


12 Kts



Technical Detail

Laboratory Facilities (fixed and temporary):

1 Wet lab, 1 Dry Lab,

Note: one new wet lab is planned to be realized by Summer 2023

CTD/Plankton sampling:

SBE911 CTD with 24 bottles rosette sampler

12 bottles clean rosette sampler

Multi-Beam(s)/ Sub Bottom profiling:

MBES shallow water: 200 to 400 kHz Kongsberg EM2040C MKII mounted on EM16 seapath pole 380 with MRU 5 and DGNSS receiver

MBES deep water: 30 kHz Hull mounted Kongsberg EM 304 1 x 2 with ice windows with MRU 5 and DGNSS receiver

Hull mounted Parametric Kongsberg Topas PS18 with ice window

Fisheries Echo Sounders/Sonar:

ADCP: High resolution: hull mounted 150 kHz RDI Ocean Surveyor ADCP with ice tank

Low resolution: hull mounted 38 kHz RDI Ocean Surveyor ADCP with ice tank

SBES Simrad EA600 – hull mounted 

Simrad EK80 and catch monitoring hydrophones.

Available models and frequencies are as follows:

ES18 (18 kHz), ES38-7 (38 kHz), ES70-7C (70 kHz) , ES120-7C (120 kHz), ES200-7C (200 kHz), ES333-7 (333 kHz)



Coring/Sampling Capabilities:

18 m long piston corer with LAunch and Recovery System (LARS)

Gravity corer (5m Max length), Box Corer, Grab



Electric winch for SSS and CTD-Rosette

Electric winch for coring

Electric winch for seismic

Hydraulic winch for net trawling and mooring operations

Note: by summer 2023 a new Baltic room will be realized that will be equipped with a new LARS system for port side  CTD-Rosette operations.


Satellite VSAT system for internet connection (Ku and C band) and Iridium Certus (backup). Network 4G

Special features:

Multi Channel Seismic


4x250cu.in. Sercel G guns

4x210cu.in. Sercel GI Guns,

1x60cu.in.Sercel Mini GI Gun


4 channel Teledyne Hot Shot


120 channel Sercel Seal 428

120 channel, 1500 m long solid state digital streamer, channel distance 12.5 m

DEPTH CONTROL: I/O System 3 Digicourse

COMPRESSOR: BAUER electric up to 2500 l/min (Container 20 feet)

Note: if needed, additional containerized electric compressors (provided by the PI) can be hosted prior verification of power demand

Meteorology sensors: 

Solar radiation: DeltaT Device Ltd SPN1 pyranometer (global and diffuse irradiance)

PAR radiation: Kipp & Zonen PQS1 Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) radiometer

Infrared radiation: Kipp & Zonen  SGR4 pyrgeometer

Wind: Campbell CSAT3B 3-D sonic anemometer

Sky Camera: Alcor-System Alphea 3 CW All Sky camera system

Greenhouse gas sensors: LGR Ultraportable Green Gas Analyzer (CH4   – CO2  – H2O)

Suitable for:

Morphobatymetry, Sub bottom profiling, Seismic, Oceanography, Biology and Multipurpose

Scientific Limitations:

Fisheries activities are limited to the use of small size fishing nets (such as Hamburg Plankton nets or Agassiz Trawls)

Vessel capability to support ROV deployment:


Support Offered to EurofleetsPlus Users:

Vessel availability by location and by year/time of year for Eurofleets+:




Availability by Month

Ports of operation in the period of availability


Ross Sea & surrounding areas

Pacific and Indian oceans

Unavailable due to Dry Dock (May/June)

Jan – April

July- Dec



TBC but likely in New Zealand



Ross Sea & surrounding areas

Mediterranean Sea via Indian Ocean


Jan – March

March – May






Ross Sea & surrounding areas

Pacific and Indian oceans

Jan – March

April – December

TBC but likely in New Zealand

Contact Details

Applicants are welcomed to discuss the initial feasibility of their work while they prepare their application with the operator of RV Laura Bassi at e-mail address: fcoren@inogs.it

Medical certification required for joining the vessel and the list of acceptable certificates.

STCW seafarers medical is required.

Are additional medical checks required


Survival training certification required for joining vessel

List of acceptable equivalent certification:

STCW personal survival techniques certificate is not needed if not involved in active deck operations. 

Additional certification required e.g. Ship security awareness / other


Diplomatic clearance required for area of operation

Yes, for operation in Territorial Waters and neighbouring EEZ’s. (when applicable). Required to be submitted by Chief Scientist

Additional clearances required for area or type of activity

For Seismic operations refer to local authorities regulations

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