Toulon, France
Location Coordinates:
Lat 43.125191 Long 5.931040
Organisation & Address:

Ifremer, Centre de Bretagne, Zone Industrielle de la Pointe du Diable, CS10070, 29280 Plouzané, France

Max No of EF+ Days:

Depth Rating



Total System Weight

Endurance (AUV)





16h max

Technical Detail

General Information:

The AUV are autonomous underwater vehicles dedicated to scientific studies on the continental margins down to 2 850 m.

These vehicles can operate payloads such as multi-beam echo sounders, sub bottom profilers and specific scientific sensor packages on up to 100 km length profile.

They are able to study sea bottoms and water column for multiple scientific objectives thanks to their payload modularity. As open systems, Ifremer has complete knowledge and capability to modify/adapt/integrate sub-systems to answer new requests (ex. HO fuel cell integration, experimental payloads such as Raman spectrometer, gravi-meter etc.)

Their operability on coastal vessels allows fast and efficient mobilisation at a reasonable cost.

Standard Payloads :

Multibeam echosounder: EM2040 (Konsberg)

Sub Bottom Profiler:  ECHOES 5000 (Ixblue)

Magnetometer: 3 axis Fluxgate

Fisheries echosounder:  EK60 – 70 kHz, 200 kHz (Kongsberg)

Current profiler:  ADCP WH 300/600/1200 KHz (RDI)

Physical sensors:  CTD SBE49 (Seabird)

Spectrometer UV ISUS V3 (Satalantic)

Modular electrical and mechanical interfaces for user scientific equipment, engineering capabilities for specific integration or functional adaptation. 

Vessel Requirements:

Deck space for AUV and recovery system (Caliste), USBL positioning system compatible with iXBLUE Posidonia (LF) or GAPS (MF) and acoustic modem transducer, or moon-pool or pole for installation of such. Crane or A-frame for deployment with clearance of at least 3m from the vessel stern.  A detailed study of AUV -installation and deployment is necessary.

Modality of Access

The AUVs are based in Ifremer’s Toulon facilities. Technical infrastructure, test tanks, and access to a controlled harbour basin (150m x 300m) gives strong potential for integration work and harbour trials preceding sea-trials.

Access will be structured by 3 to 5 day integration & harbour trials, and sea-trials on Ifremer or opportunity (partner?) ships. 

For the AUV operation itself a team of 3 operators is provided, One engineer is provided for the specific technological aim. 

A primer training for operations with the deep-sea medium size AUV class is included in the harbour trials. 

Office space close to the test facilities is made available.

Support Offered to EurofleetsPlus Users

The AUVs have a modular control architecture which gives access for a high level “backseat” piloting computer allowing implementation of experimental strategies while guaranteeing full safety through the low level controller. The “open” mechanical architecture with a significant payload section (volume 0,7m x 0,7m diameter).

The integration of experimental third party or partner equipment in terms of mechanical, electrical or computer engineering can be conducted in cooperation with Ifremer’s engineering teams. Ahead work on a hardware-in-the-loop simulator for software integration can be made available.

Contact Details

Applicants are welcomed to discuss the initial feasibility of their work while they prepare their application with the operator of AUV AsterX /IDEFx at

Please indicate any clearances required for area or type of activity?

ISPS access control is applied on the Ifremer – Mediterannean Center il Toulon-France

Infrastructure availability by year/time of year for EF+:


Availability by Month

Not available (by Month)


Depending of fleet programming

ASTERx: April 24-29, June

IDEFx: mid-September to end October


Depending of fleet programming



Depending of fleet programming


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