Vessel Profile

Home port:
La Spezia, Italy
Home port Coordinates:
Latitude: 44.101570 Longitude: 9.819950
Organisation & Address:

Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation, NATO

La Spezia, Italy

Link to Vessel Schedules:

Available upon request

Normal Area of Operation:

RV Alliance primarily operates in the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, ABS Ice Class C.

Max No of EF+ Days:
Vessel details:




Gross Tonnage

Ice class


Service speed

Max No. Scientific


No. of EF+ Scientific Berths

93 m

15 m

6 m

3.180 t


Yes, DP0

16.3 kn



Technical Detail

Laboratory Facilities (fixed and temporary):

Main Scientific Laboratory, Tactical Coordinator’s Office, Programmers’ Office, an Environmental Equipment Maintenance Laboratory, an Acoustic Equipment Maintenance Workshop, and an Amplifier Room.  Forward Deck Wet Laboratory and an Oceanographic Winch Room along with various smaller labs.  Capacity to carry 5 x 20 ft ISO containers and 3 x 10 ft ISO containers.

Thermosalinometer- Seabird SBE45, can be installed on request

Fluorometer – Turner Design 10-AU can be installed on request

CTD/Plankton sampling:

CTD installed upon request and a second deployable with A-Frame

Multi-Beam(s)/ Sub Bottom profiling:

Kongsberg EM 302: nominal sonar frequency 30kHz, maximum sound intensity 214dB re 1 mpa in the gondola.

Can be loaded onboard: Edgetech 4200 MP  Side Scan Sonar System

4200 FS 100/400 KHZ for deep water (2000 m max )

4200 HF 300/600 KHZ for shallow water (300 m max)

Edgetech 3200/XSI Sub bottom profiling system (300 m max)

Fisheries Echo Sounders/Sonar:

Atlas Deso 35 (210kHz & 12KHz), Atlas Deso 25 (210Khz & 33 KHz)


HiPaP 500 Series

Coring/Sampling Capabilities:

Not fitted, CMRE equipment


Towing winches: double drum (3000m x 50mm wire);  towed body (5000 kg); data winch with split drum (16,000 kg); large drum winch (3000 kg); oceanographic winch (1000 kg, with side reach 5m for sensors); and chum winch (2000 kg, for acoustic sources, operated by a CMRE technician only)

Deck cranes: four electro-hydraulic cranes with articulated and/or telescopic jibs on the Focsle, Quarterdeck and the Boat Deck (SWLs of 2t-5t) as well as a U-frame (SWL 10t) on the Quarterdeck and an A-frame (peak loading 32,000kg) on the Focsle.


Ship system: VSAT and Inmarsat

Science system: VSAT.  All science stations in the main lab are networked and it is configurable. There is also a Marine Data Management System installed enabling precision positioning.

Special features:

Vessel designed to operate in various noise states and is one of the quietest ships in the world.

Suitable for:

The variety of deck equipment allows a large variety of launch and recovery of scientific and engineering sensors, oceanographic instruments, autonomous vehicles and tethered devices.

Scientific Limitations:

Not suitable for fisheries.

Vessel capability to support ROV deployment:

Yes, capable. 

Support Offered to EurofleetsPlus Users:

Applicants should contact the vessel operator directly to verify which equipment is included with the Eurofleets+ funding, and discuss what the additional costs may be for other equipment requested.   Technical support on vessel equipment will be available during the entire survey.

Vessel availability by location and by year/time of year for Eurofleets+:



Availability by Month

Ports of operation in the period of availability


Normal Operating Area, other areas possible


La Spezia, Italy


Normal Operating Area, other areas possible


La Spezia, Italy


Normal Operating Area, other areas possible


La Spezia, Italy

Contact Details

Applicants are welcomed to discuss the initial feasibility of their work while they prepare their application with the operator of RV Alliance, Director of Marine Operations at CMRE at smo@cmre.nato.int

Medical certification required for joining the vessel and the list of acceptable certificates.

CMRE medical form will be provided.

Are additional medical checks required


Survival training certification required for joining vessel

List of acceptable equivalent certification:


Additional certification required e.g. Ship security awareness / other

Safety and Security briefings will be provided on board the vessel.

Diplomatic clearance required for area of operation


Additional clearances required for area or type of activity

Possibly depending on operational area (e.g. protected/restricted areas)

NATO Research Vessel, 93 m long, delivered in 1988.  Operates >200 days per annum.

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