“Regional 3” Call 2014


Applications are now being invited for funding for ship-time on the “Regional 3” Call with any of the following research vessels and/or marine equipment to carry out ship-based research activities within any field of marine science. This call makes available a total of 12 RVs operating on the regions: Indian Ocean, SW Atlantic, SW Baltic Sea, Bay of Biscay – SW Iberian Margin, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Red Sea.

Small research projects involving 1 or 2 berths in EUROFLEETS2 cruises are encouraged to apply. Those applicants should contact the EUROFLEETS2 Evaluation Office in advance for further information.

Qualifications of the PI will be evaluated according to his research status/age.

For the submission of proposals please access here.

The deadline for applicants to submit proposals is Tuesday 10th  of February 2015, 15:00 HOURS Central European Time (CET).


  • In the case of proposals requesting only a piece of marine equipment to be deployed from a previously founded cruise (not EUROFLEETS2 founded), the proposals can involve partners from one single country, as long as they work in a country other than the country the requested infrastructure is based. However, international partners are encouraged even if only as remote participants for data treatment and exploitation.
  • When requesting a piece of marine equipment independently from a EUROFLEETS2 RV, travelling expenses for the embarked team and transport of other (own) equipment will not be covered by EUROFLEETS2.
  • PIs applying for the RV Marion Dufresne or ROV Liropus must contact the EUROFLEETS2 Evaluation Office at eurofleets2@awi.de prior to drafting a proposal to enquire about their availability.
  • Proposals must comply with the number of days offered per RV or marine equipment.

For more information consult:

Accessible RV and Equipment Information

Scientific Review Panel

Logistics Review Panel


For further information please contact:

EUROFLEETS2 Evaluation Office
Dr. Verónica Willmott-Puig
International Cooperation & Research Funding
Am Handelshafen 12

Tel: +49 0 471 4831-2148
E-Mail: eurofleets2@awi.de

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