EUROFLEETS 2 Event during the IRSO Meeting

The International Research Ship Operators 2016 meeting (IRSO 2016) will take place from 10 to 13 October 2016 in Capri – Italy. The International Research Ship Operators forum is a group of research ship operators representing 49 organisations from 30 countries who manage over 100 of the world’s leading marine scientific research vessels.

As part of the IRSO meeting a EUROFLEETS2 Event was planned for Monday 10 October 2016 consisting of an EF2 Workshop and Industry Exhibition. The EF2 Workshop aimed at presenting and discussing the draft results of the EUROFLEETS2 WP11 (JRA1) between Eurofleets researchers, RV operators (members of IRSO) and industry representatives of shipyards, ship designers and others with expertise in Research Vessels. The Workshop provided opportunity for an active dialogue between participants aimed at refining and completing results and conclusions, where possible, as well as at establishing contacts for further exchanges. The Workshop was followed by an Industry Exhibition whereby participants from research (EF2) and industry could highlight their activities and products for RRV’s by means of posters and where further dialogues could take place, also with the IRSO members. The official programme on Monday ended with the IRSO Icebreaker party in the evening for which all participants are invited. This provided additional opportunities for conversation and marketing.

The EF2 Event was organised as a joint activity of EF2 WP11 and WP6 which has a focus on knowledge transfer and interaction between EF2 and industry. It was made possible through the kind support and cooperation of IRSO.

The EUROFLEETS 2 Workshop and Industry Exhibition and participation to the following days of the IRSO meeting was open for IRSO members, EF2 partners and selected industry representatives. 

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