When? 3 & 4 November 2016

Where? CSIC offices, Vigo, Spain


EARS is a software environment developed by EUROFLEETS2 partners(*) in order to provide scientists and technicians working on board research vessels with a versatile and portable tool for logging events relevant for documenting measurements. EARS has the ambition of becoming a standard tool on board European research vessels, hence enhancing the interoperability of the fleets and the mobility of technicians and scientists.
(*) CSIC (Spain), OGS (Italy), Ifremer (France), RBINS (Belgium)

Objectives of the workshop:

• Give the participants an in-depth overview of EARS 2.0
• Train the participants to install and operate EARS 2.0 on board research vessels


• On the first day, “EARS2 for advanced users”. Primary target audience: IT technicians operating on research vessels, scientists with IT skills
• On the second day (am), “EARS2 in practice”. Session on board of the Sarmiento de Gamboa.

How to register?

Send the information below to

• Your name:
• Your specialty (vessel operator, IT, crew member, scientist …):
• Your affiliation:
• City and country:
• EUROFLEETS2 beneficiary:Y/N
• I would like to apply for the cost reimbursement programme:Y/N
◦ I am a technician working for a research vessel operator
◦ I am a scientist regularly acting as principal investigator on board research vessels
◦ Please provide a justification:…………………………………………………….

Venue address

The CSIC-Unidad de Tecnologia Marina offices are located Av. Beiramar 29, 36202 Vigo-Spain. The first day will take place here, the second on board of the Sarmiento de Gamboa, which will be moored in the Port of Vigo.

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