The future of an European fleet coordination platform

For over 8 years, the EUROFLEETS1 (2009-2013) and EUROFLEETS2 (2013-2017) projects, succeeded in diversified thematic areas in the field of research vessels by contributing to the European efforts to stay “at the highest level of international scientific competition”, by implementing and testing solutions for broad European cooperation.

A mapping of the major innovations introduced by the two EUROFLEETS projects has been drawn up and a SWOT analysis has been carried out. The analysis aimed at clearly identify what must be at the heart of a sustainable system to maintain and continue to develop pan-European cooperation in the scope of research vessels and associated scientific equipment, but also to put in place solutions to overcome the weaknesses and threats identified.

Moreover, with the help of the University of Milano Bicocca, Department of Business and Law (UNIMIB), a strategic assessment has been carried out in order to identify the values, the vision, and the mission of a future European fleet coordination system (EUROFLEETS RI), aimed at uniting the world-class research vessels and associated equipment among European partners to facilitate access to unique marine infrastructure for a wide user community.

This work is continuing with the development of a business model for this coordination system, taking into account the analisys already conducted and documented on the different legal structures that such a system could take.

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