Eurofleets+ BOREHOLE SEISMIC workshop – New Application deadline 15th of September 2022!

OGS, Trieste, Italy,  October 12th-14th 2022

The Seismic Lab workshop is organized as part of the EurofleetsPlus training program and will be held at OGS, National Institute of Oceanography and applied Geophysics in Trieste (Italy). The three days’ workshop (October 12-24, 2022) is offered to Marine sciences related researchers with no or only basic experience and knowledge of Borehole Seismic data acquisition and processing.

The workshop is closely related to ECCSEL-ERIC and to the ECCSELERATE project, as the test site PITOP, where on-field activities will take place, is part of ECCSEL.

The workshop will cover topics such as

  • Vertical Seismic Profiles – an overview
  • Instruments for borehole geophysics
  • Well logging – an overview
  • Electrical methods in well
  • Examples of numerical simulation for VSP
  • Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSP) data acquisition in the geophysical test site PITOP at Piana di Toppo (PN)
  • VSP data processing in practice
  • ECCSEL: the European Research Infrastructure for CO2 Capture, Utilisation, Transport and Storage (CCUS)
  • Borehole geophysical methods in the monitoring of CO2 storage sites

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