EUROFLEETS+ Borehole Seismic Workshop

Eurofleets+ BOREHOLE SEISMIC workshop  

OGS, Trieste, Italy,  October 12th-14th 2022

The EurofleetsPlus “Blue Skills LABS”

During the past ten years new technologies have remarkably extended the scope of marine research and now offer exciting novel perspectives for pioneering research. Unmanned underwater vehicles have reached a high degree of reliability and they develop towards standard equipment on modern research vessels. However, the technical complexity of the systems and their integrated scientific payload is a challenge for both the operational team and the scientists. Eurofleets+ will address these needing through proposed dedicated training courses (Blue skills Labs) to enable the next generation of marine researchers to fully utilize the possibilities offered by this kind of scientific instrumentation onboard European research vessels.

Workshop overview

The Seismic Lab workshop is organized as part of the EurofleetsPlus training program and will be held at OGS, National Institute of Oceanography and applied Geophysics in Trieste (Italy). The three days’ workshop (October 12-24, 2022) is offered to Marine sciences related researchers with no or only basic experience and knowledge of Borehole Seismic data acquisition and processing.

The workshop is closely related to ECCSEL-ERIC and to the ECCSELERATE project, as the test site PITOP, where on-field activities will take place, is part of ECCSEL.

The workshop will cover topics such as

  • Vertical Seismic Profiles – an overview
  • Instruments for borehole geophysics
  • Well logging – an overview
  • Electrical methods in well
  • Examples of numerical simulation for VSP
  • Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSP) data acquisition in the geophysical test site PITOP at Piana di Toppo (PN)
  • VSP data processing in practice
  • ECCSEL: the European Research Infrastructure for CO2 Capture, Utilisation, Transport and Storage (CCUS)
  • Borehole geophysical methods in the monitoring of CO2 storage sites


Cinzia Bellezza, Researcher at OGS

Giorgia Pinna, Researcher at OGS

Fabio Meneghini, Technologist at OGS

Erika Barison, Researcher at OGS

Biancamaria Farina, Researcher at OGS

Piero Corubolo, Technologist at OGS

Andrea Schleifer, Senior Technologist at OGS

Valentina Volpi, Researcher at OGS


In preparation for the course, participants should have installed and started Seismic Unix on their laptops (the software can be downloaded from this link:

A total of 8 positions are available for PhD and post-graduate students. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the scientific/technical career of the applicant and coherency between their studies and the topics in the Labs, based on information provided in the application form.

Costs and travel grants

The course is free of charge, but the participants must pay for they own travel expenses including accommodation and food at the field station. A Maximum refund of €400 will be made available to successful applicants. The support will be given on submission of proof of expenditure by each individual.


Online application form is available to access at

Eurofleets OGS Blue Skills Labs

(You will need to register/login to complete the application process)

Applications must be received by September 15th at 18:00 hrs (UTC)

Successful applicants will be notified by September 16th.

Diversity will be considered as part of the application evaluation.

Women and people from less equipped countries are encouraged to apply!

At the end of the workshop a certificate of completion will be delivered to all the participants. This document will include information about the workshop’s topics and the number of hours dedicated.


Course responsible: Andrea Caburlotto –

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