Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

Country: Greenland


Gronlands Naturinstitut is the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. GRONLANDS (also refrred to as GINR) is the national research centre for living resources for the Government of Greenland. The task is to obtain the scientific basis for a sustainable exploitation of the nature resources in and around Greenland as well as for protecting the environment and the biological diversity and to provide consulting to the Government of Greenland within the Institute’s fields of work and to publish the results of its research. The overall aim of GRONLANDS is to set a quantitative and sustainable yield from the nature resources, to predict changes in the ecological balance and in population developments resulting from climate change and human impacts, to indicate precautions for securing the environment and the biological diversity and to include local knowledge in the scientific work.

In 2009 a Greenland Climate Research Centre (GCRC) was established in the GRONLANDS in collaboration between the Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland (KVUG) and the University of Greenland. The Climate Centre is concerned with the expected impacts of climate change on Arctic marine, limnic and terrestrial environments and on Greenlandic society – including adaptation and prevention strategies.

GRONLANDS has a staff of 60 employees, of whom 8 are doctoral-level research scientists.


GRONLANDS are involved in WP2 Transnational Access.

Access to Research Vessels and related infrastructure: RV SANNA [Regional].
GRONLANDS has operated the coastal RV (SANNA) since 2012 and one offshore RV (Paamiut) since 1974. SANNA is a 32,3m long and with ICE-Class 1A. It will provide a well function-working platform for 8 to 10 scientists: with modern lab facilities, a working deck and accommodations. SANNA is a relative new RV from 2012 and is equipped with trawl and fishing equipment as well other marine instruments and sampling tools.

GRONLANDS will undertake activities in WP1 Project Management and WP5 Stakeholder engagement.

Support offered: A package of support is offered, according to specific agreement in each case. Our overall approach is that a user will receive the complete technical and logistical support to the extent that we support our own cruises.

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Grønlands Naturinstitut, Kivioq, Nuuk, Greenland
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