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Short Name: UB
Country: Germany


Univeritaet Bremen (University Bremen) has become the center of science and research in the North West of Germany, particularly renowned for its strengths in the natural and engineering sciences as well as the social sciences and the humanities. Today, some 25,000-people study, teach, research and work at the University of Bremen. MARUM is an integrated entity of the University. Over nearly two decades of scientific activity MARUM has developed into an internationally recognized center for marine research with a focus on geosciences, anchored at the University of Bremen. In 2012 MARUM became officially the first and only Research Faculty of the University of Bremen.

MARUM hosts the DFG Research Center and the Cluster of Excellence ›The Ocean in the Earth System‹ as well as many additional national and international research projects. Furthermore, MARUM operates one of the three IODP core repositories in the world and, together with the AWI, the World Data Center for Marine Environmental Sciences (PANGAEA) and provides advanced infrastructure like several mass-spectrometer labs and underwater vehicle, e.g. ROVs, AUVs, remote operated drill rigs.


UB are involved in WP2 Transnational Access.
Access to Research Vessels and related infrastructure: ROV Marum Squid [Light Workclass ROV, 2000m]. MARUM will offer rare and expensive instruments for underwater operations (incl. personnel), i.e. the use of the mid-size workclass ROV MARUM SQUID (2000 m depth range, Orion 7F, Cams, Tool skid) for dedicated cruises in the scope of the project. Furthermore, MARUM will offer training courses for named vehicle classes (ROV) on theoretical and practical level, with a special focus on scientific operations and real scenarios.

Universitaet Bremen (UB) [MARUM] will also undertake activities in WP5 Stakeholder Engagement and WP6 Education and Training.

Modality of access: A visit to the ship within the scope of the cruise preparation is encouraged in order to prepare mobilization and operation. The payload is to be sent to MARUM early enough for integration and testing. Mob/Demob in port requires 2 days by the ROV
Support offered: With support from the ROV team, the scientists are asked to prepare a scientific dive plan for each dive to use the system as efficiently as possible. Payload provided by the scientific team will be installed by the ROV crew during the pre-dive check procedure, prior to the dive. Two scientists that lead scientific program during the dive are placed together with the pilots inside the ROVs control lab for close communication. After each dive all navigational data from the ROV, collected samples as well as images and videos are handed over to the scientific party for further use.

Outreach to new users: ROV MARUM-Squid is currently used by German research facilities (e.g. MARUM – Bremen; Institut für Umweltphysik – Heidelberg). However, the ROV was presented to a wider audience during the OCEANS 2016 MTS/IEEE in Monterey and described in detail in MARUM-Squid – a powerful, yet compact 2000 m ROV system designed for marine research operations from smaller vessels, DOI: 10.1109/ OCEANS.2016.7761353.

Relevant Publications

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Bibliothekstraße 1, 28359 Bremen, Germany
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