WP6 – NA3: Education and Training

T6.1 Eurofleets+ Floating Universities
Task 6.2 Training and Education through Access and Exchange
Task 6.3 Blue Skills Labs and Workshops
T6.4 Remote Access, E-learning and Ocean Literacy

The aim of WP6 is to consolidate, advance and extend the successful education and training actions delivered in the previous Eurofleets projects, to prepare the next generation of European marine scientists and professionals, and open up the world-class marine infrastructures beyond research communities. Actions will help bridge the gap between highly-developed and less-developed regions to facilitate collaboration and global interoperability. The training and education activities will take place in unique settings, using state of the art communication tools and digital technology and will be targeted to different user needs and experience. These innovative, accredited activities will ultimately build capacity for sustainable ‘blue growth’ in Europe and globally.


The objectives of WP6 are to:

  1. BuildcapacityinEuropeanoceanscienceresearchthroughaseriesofinnovativeworkshops,labsandfloating universities targeted at postgraduate students, early stage researchers and professionals.
  2. Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology through exchange of staff and mobility of industry personnel.
  3. Increase participation of women in ocean science, along with users from less equipped countries.
  4. Engage teachers and educators in ocean exploration to promote Eurofleets+ activities to students worldwide.
  5. Attract primary and secondary school pupils to careers in ocean science thereby inspiring the next generation of marine scientists.
  6. Create an ‘Ocean Literate’ public through targeted engagement of innovative ocean exploration activities.


D6.1: Eurofleets+ Training Toolkit for course directors [OGS, UGOT]. M6
D6.2: Interim report on all Eurofleets+ training and education programmes. [OGS] M24
D6.3: Floating Universities (video/report) [OGS, UGOT]. M46
D6.4: Ocean Classroom established with Online Digital Resources [MI]. M36
D6.5: Report on pilot study of ‘Ship to Shore’ program [MI]. M40
D6.6: Report on Access and Exchange Programmes including Case Studies [OGS]. M45
D6.7: Blue skills Workshops (report) [TUT]. M30
D6.8: Blue Skills Labs (report) [UGOT, UB]. M40
D6.9: Impact of Eurofleets+ training and education from perspective of Eurofleets+ Alumni [OGS]. M48

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