Task 8.3: Eurofleets+ roadmap and guidelines

Task 8.1: Feasibility study toward a long-term TA system of Research Vessels
Task 8.2: Building Eurofleets legacy
Task 8.3: Eurofleets+ roadmap and guidelines

The roadmap will focus on definitions, models and measures that will assist diverse types of organisations, inside and outside the Eurofleets Consortium, to better understand the legal, regulatory and funding frameworks that can be deployed as a long-term pan-European TA system and to provide guidelines towards a sustainable coordination platform of the European Research Fleet. Additional recommendations will concern the model of access to research infrastructures in line with the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures (specific provisions will be identified for researchers from less developed Countries/Third Countries), and the definition of new high-quality and integrated services to foster the cross-fertilization between different research infrastructures. This roadmap report will synthesise and exploit, also, the valuable intelligence that emerges from the other work packages and will also ensure that the content and conclusions are complementary and non-duplicative of work being taken forward by others.

During the project, efforts will be, also, undertaken to maintain and to further develop relationships and cooperation with international coordination groups such as OFEG, ERVO Group, IRSO Group, JPI Oceans, EMSO-ERIC and EMBRC-ERIC, SeaDataNet, BEERi (ENVRI), EOOS, EuroGOOS and UNOLS and to facilitate new links with related initiatives and infrastructures worldwide in order to exploit future synergies and cross- fertilization actions to step forward the existing scenario and to promote a world-class infrastructure on European Research Fleet.

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