Oostende, Belgium
Location Coordinates:
51.2303 Lat 2.92 Long
Organisation & Address:

Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee, Wandelaarkaai 7 8400 Oostende

Infrastructure Web site address:
Max No of EF+ Days:

Depth Rating



Total System Weight

Endurance (AUV)


1.6 – 4.2


60 – 120kg

4-7 hours

Technical Detail

General Information:

The AUV has a depth range up to 1000 meters and is equipped with a multitude of sensors including a multi-beam echo sounder, a sub-bottom profiler, a synthetic aperture sonar and an environmental module. This allows seawater, seabed and sub-seafloor measurements related to chemical, biological, physical, geological and historical research from shelves to continental slopes.

The AUV has a maximum speed of 5.5knots, 480GB memory and comes with its own transport case, LARS (launch and recovery system) and portable cage.

Communication & GPS:

Ethernet: till 100 Mbit/s, Wifi: till 54 Mbit/s, Acoustic modem (Benthos): till 2 kbaud, Iridium satellite communication, Gps with RTK-corrections, GAPS-transponder enables USBL-updates.

The modules available are:

  1. Klein 3500 Side Scan Sonar with swath bathymetry
  2. Teledyne Sub-Bottom Profiler
  3. Science bay with the following optional sensors

               3.1.        RBR CTD

               3.2.        Aanderaa O2

               3.3.        Wetlabs Triplet-w

               3.4.        Suna Nitrate sensor

               3.5.        Pro-Oceanus, PCo2 sensor

               3.6.        USBL for high accuracy underwater navigation- requires GAPS on the support vessel.

  1. RTK capable navigation (through NTRIP)
  2. Bottom facing black and white camera

Vehicle is equipped with a Launch and Recovery System (LARS) which is suitable for deployment and recovery off a large research vessel (A-Frame (preferably) or over side).

Vessel Requirements:
  • Minimal deck space; 10m² (minimal 5m long)
  • Storage room approx. 2m³
  • Dry lab/workshop to work with electronic equipment minimal workbenches for two surveyors
  • Over-the-Side crane of A-Frame for lifting AUV LARS
  • Workboat for recovery/launch (preferred way of operation, other recovery methods available)
Modality of Access

AUV Barabas will be available year-round and is available for operations world-wide, including polar seas.  This AUV is also available for development projects. Integration of new technologies/sensors into vehicle modules can also be considered.

Equipment transportation costs up to a maximum amount will be covered by Eurofleets+. Users should contact prior to submitting an application to ensure shipment costs to and from their location are covered.   

Support Offered to EurofleetsPlus Users

Along with the vehicle, two field technicians will be provided for the operation, deployment and recovery, general mobilisation and operation of the vehicle.

Contact Details

Applicants are welcomed to discuss the initial feasibility of their work while they prepare their application with the operator of AUV Barabas at

Please indicate any clearances required for area or type of activity?

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