Gothenburg, Sweden
Location Coordinates:
Latitude: 57.70 Longitude 11.96
Organisation & Address:

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Infrastructure Web site address:
Max No of EF+ Days:

Depth Rating



Weight in Air

Total System Weight


Endurance (AUV)






61 hrs max

Technical Detail

General Information:

HUGIN’s modular construction and versatile payload suite enable operators to conduct a wide variety of missions with a single AUV. The ability to carry a large array of sensors including a full suite of geophysical and environmental options provides the capability to collect a comprehensive data set in a single dive.

One of the key strengths of this AUV is the tight integration of payload sensors with vehicle systems. This means HUGIN can operate all of the sensors on board concurrently.

The AUV is equipped with four (4) (but offers space for up to six (6) Kongsberg Maritime K235 Series batteries with 8 KWh each)). With 4 batteries the AUV can operate at 3 knots speed simultaneously the Multi-beam Echo Sounder, the Side Scan Sonar System, the Sub-Bottom Profiler and a camera for 41 hours.

At 4 knots cruising speed the total mission period can last for 26 hours. With a full set of batteries this may increase mission periods to 61 and 40 hours, respectively. The Navigation accuracy in autonomous mode of operation (no position updates, straight line) in real-time has an estimated navigation error of 0.08% of distance travelled, less than that after post-processing of data.

Vessel Requirements:

DP1 and LARS approved by the infrastructure provider.

Modality of Access

All users of this AUV are obliged to submit applications for the use of this large mobile infrastructure by using our established web-portal originally developed for ship-time applications for the RV “Skagerak” (

The AUV will be available year-round according to an annual cruise plan. The “HUGIN 3000” will be available for operations world-wide, even in the Arctic and Antarctic including missions under sea-ice or glaciers.  Equipment transportation costs up to a maximum amount will be covered by Eurofleets+.  Users should contact prior to submitting an application to ensure shipment costs from their location are covered.   

Support Offered to EurofleetsPlus Users

All necessary technical skills including support for mobilisation and demobilisation by a combination of technical and logistic personnel will be provided. Our warehouse and workshop facilities in Gothenburg harbour can be utilised for storage of user equipment pre and post survey.

Contact Details

Please contact the Eurofleets+ Evaluation Office at who will forward any logistical questions to the vessel operator.  

Please indicate any clearances required for area or type of activity?

None stipulated. 

Infrastructure availability by year/time of year for EF+:

Year Availability (by Month) Not Available (by Month)
2020 Jan – Dec n/a
2021 Jan – Dec n/a
2022 Jan – Dec n/a

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