Townhall Meeting at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna, Austria

At 09th April 2019, Eurofleets+ performed a Townhall Meeting to introduce the project, ship time opportunities and education and training in Eurofleets+.

The Townhall Meeting “Eurofleets+: New opportunities for excellent marine science” was convened by Dr. Nicole Biebow from the Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung. In three different presentations, a broad audience of interested researchers early-career researchers and senior scientists, including beneficiaries from previous Eurofleets projects, could learn about (1) the Eurofleets+ project background, (2) ship time opportunities and (2) education and training activities.

These are the presentation highlights:

Presentation (1), speaker: Aodhán Fitzgerald (Marine Institute), Project Coordinator of Eurofleets+

  • Eurofleets+ is a H2020 project enabling marine scientists to access 27 Research Vessels, 7 ROVs, 5 AUVs and a telepresence unit in multiple locations throughout Europe, The Atlantic, Pacific & Ross Sea. Applicants may respond to three different ship-time calls which will be evaluated on scientific excellence.
  • Services provided in Eurofleets+: Trans National Access to Infrastructure, Training & Education, Roadmap and Legacy Planning, Innovation Management, Joint Research Activities, Stakeholder Engagement.

Presentation (2), speaker: Verónica Willmott-Puig (Alfred-Wegener-Institute), Eurofleets+ Evaluation Office

Eurofleets+ Access Programmes:

  1. SEA: Ship time and marine Equipment Application:
    • Access to the vessels and/or marine equipment through a classic call for proposals.
    • A minimum of 2 calls, with “Ocean” (opening June 2019) and “Regional” (opening September 2019) vessels
  2. CO-PI: Co-PI programme
    • Aimed at early career researchers to implement their own research together with the SEA programme calls. Access of 2-3 days, attached to an Eurofleets+ cruise.
    • Running call, opening autumn 2019
  3. RTA: Remote Transnational Access
    • Remote access to samples or data from a Eurofleets+ vessel.
    • Running call, opening autumn 2019

Presentation (3), speaker: Michele Rebesco (National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics), Training and Education

Education and training: program presentation and coming next activities:

  • 5 Floating Universities are planned
  • Marine Internship Programme
  • Teachers@SEA Programme
  • Personell Exchange Programme
  • Blue skills Labs
  • Blue skills workshop webinars
  • Coming soon:
    • Blue skills robotic labs @ University of Gothenburg, call opens May 2019
    • Blue skills ROV Lab @ University of Bremen (MARUM), call opens August 2019
    • Floating University on RV Celtic Voyager – Hydrographic survey, call opens October/ November 2019
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