Achieving Better Coordination of the European Research Fleets – EUROFLEETS+ presented at the One Ocean Summit

In an effort to mobilise the international community and take tangible action to mitigate such pressures on the ocean, the President of the French Republic has decided to organise a One Planet Summit dedicated to the ocean, currently a taking place in Brest until the 11th of February 2022.

The “One Ocean Summit” is being held in the context of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, with the support of the United Nations. The goal of the One Ocean Summit is to raise the collective level of ambition of the international community on marine issues and to translate our shared responsibility to the ocean into tangible commitments.

EUROFLEETS+ was presented at this summit.

Thanks to the experience from and the results of two European Union Seventh Framework Program projects Eurofleets (2009-2013) and Eurofleets2 (2013-2017), the ongoing Horizon 2020 (H2020) project Eurofleets+ (2019-2023), and the already well-established network of European Research Vessel Operators, a common understanding among many European Research Vessel operators has grown that it is fundamental to take the efforts to achieve better coordination and utilization of the European Research Vessels Fleet to a new and more sustainable level.

Based on this understanding, this forum has several objectives:

1. Show the process initiated almost fifteen years ago, for a better coordination of European research fleets,

2. Show the path taken towards the creation of a community of Research Vessel operators sharing a common vision in the service of European marine research.

3. Show the benefits of transnational access to European Research Vessels and Large Exchangeable Instruments, in support of European projects of excellence, in the field of training young researchers and marine technicians, and for European influence on the global marine science activities and priorities.

4. Build and convey a strong message for the need to take the necessary steps towards the establishment of a permanent structure for the coordination of the European Research Vessels fleets and associated scientific instruments and equipment, and the management of Transnational Access to Research Vessels and Large Exchangeable Instruments.

Ifremer hosted many speakers such as

🇮🇪 Aodhan Fitzgerald,

🇵🇹 Dr Telmo Morato,

🇧🇪 Roeland Develter

🇫🇷 Olivier Lefort,

🇮🇹 Pr. Francesco Latino Chiocci,

🇳🇿 Rob Christie,

🇮🇹 Fabio Trincardi,

🇫🇷 Jean-Marie Flaud,

🇪🇺 John Bell

🇧🇪 Jan Mees

Watch the session on youtube:

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