Eurofleets+ brought researchers to the High Seas for its Floating University on “Modern Techniques and Platforms for Ocean Observations”

Eurofleets+, organised a  “Floating University” onboard the R/V Skagerak and R/V Svea. The event took place from 24-28 October 2022 in Lysekil and offered participants the unique opportunity to receive hands-on training in modern techniques and platforms for ocean observations.

The course was designed to expose participants to state-of-the-art ocean observing platforms available in West Sweden and provide an understanding of ship- and robotic-based observing techniques and their associated sensors and measurement capabilities. The training week included ship time on two new high-seas research vessels (RV Skagerak and RV Svea) and deployment of autonomous platforms such as gliders and larger AUVs.

This international Eurofleets course received 16 applications from 8 different countries, including Sweden, Estonia, Cyprus, Portugal, the UK, France, Italy, and Turkey. The 10 selected participants come from a range of backgrounds, including 7 PhDs, 1 BSc, 1 Eng., and 1 young researcher. 6 of the participants are female and 4 are male.

This Floating Universi was an opportunity for researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the latest techniques and platforms for ocean observations and expand their knowledge through hands-on experience. With the cost of Trans National Access to Global/Ocean class Research Vessels often prohibitive for less equipped countries, Eurofleets+ is committed to providing equal access to marine research opportunities through these training initiatives.

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