EurofleetsPlus Data policy

EUROFLEETS+ aims at its research data to be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR).

Data management in EUROFLEETS+ is coordinated with the SeaDataNet FP6 European project and adopts the SeaDataNet standards. The SeaDataNet infrastructure can be visited at:

Cruise applicants are invited to create an optional Data Management Plan (DMP) by using the online tool at This page also details the steps needed to make the data FAIR.

All data generated under EUROFLEETS+ funding is accessible to the user group which collected the data.

A copy of any data sets generatedshould be deposited together with sufficient metadata to one of three reference National Oceanographic Data Centres (OGS in Italy, HCMR in Greece or BMDC in Belgium) within two months after cruise completion. These reference data centres will then make sure that the data sets are quality controlled, archived, and linked to the metadata of the respective cruise. The reference data centres will share the data with the NODC the vessel is connected to.

The PI may choose to restrict access to the data sets and samples to the scientific party and its designated partners up to 2 years after the cruise. If he chooses to do so, the Data Management Plan is no longer optional, and must be submitted together with the application via the online submission platform. This embargo must be reported in theDMP. Requests of external users for data access during this time will be forwarded to the data originators for their decision.

A copy of every publication generated with EUROFLEETS+ benefits has to be sent to the EUROFLEETS+ Evaluation Office for the project records via E-Mail.

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