EUROFLEETS Funded Projects Abstracts

Here you can find the abstract of the EUROFLEETS2 “Embarked Equipment” 2013 call funded project.


IRIS proposes an investigation using the ROV Max Rover to survey active seismogenic faults of the Alboran Sea: the left-lateral Carboneras and Al-Idrissi fault systems located at the SE Iberian and NE Moroccan margins, respectively. Both systems have been well characterized in the frame of national and EU projects. In the frame of the ongoing Spanish project SHAKE we have been allocated with 30-day of shiptime onboard the Spanish RV “Sarmiento de Gamboa” to carry out the first in situ marine paleoseismic study of active faults and associated processes. The first part of the cruise (20 days) will be devoted to acoustic seafloor investigation of both fault systems using an AUV (micro-bathymetry). The second part of the cruise (10 days), corresponding to the IRIS proposal, will be devoted to a direct visual seafloor exploration and sampling of selected sites (i.e. scarps related to earthquake ruptures, fluid venting and associated habitats) using the ROV “Max Rover” offered in EuroFleets-2. Both the ROV Max Rover and RV “Sarmiento de Gamboa” are available between June and September of 2015. The specific objectives of the IRIS proposal are: 1. Obtaining fault offsets using the ROV and DT1 acoustic instrumentation; 2. Identification and dating of earthquake seafloor ruptures using ROV HD cameras; and 3. Evaluation of fluid circulation and characterization of associated benthic habitats. As the ROV works on a basis of 12h/day shifts, cruise will be organized as day and night operations. Day operations will be devoted to the ROV “Max Rover” dives in 5 pre-selected sites (IS1 to IS5) in two ROV scenarios: a) Acoustic and video imaging transects and b) In situ seafloor video and sampling. Night operations will be devoted to deployment of DT1 sidescan sonar and multibeam/parasound echosounder. The team is international, composed by 13 scientists, covering all aspects of the IRIS survey (seafloor exploration, imaging and geological / biological sampling).

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