EUROFLEETS Funded Projects Abstracts

Here you can find the abstract of the EUROFLEETS2 “Super-integration 2013” 2013 call funded project.


The main objective of the MED-SUV.ISES project is to perform a high resolution seismic tomography, in velocity and attenuation, focusing on the main Italian active volcanoes (Mt. Etna and Aeolian Islands, South Italy) by using active seismic data. For this aim this project will be integrated with the activities planned in the framework of the FP7-EC MED-SUV project ( where onshore and offshore seismic stations will be used to record active seismic data generated both in marine and terrestrial environments. The rationale of the project is to define a detailed structure of the crust beneath Mt. Etna and surrounding areas, included the Calabrian-Peloritan arc and Aeolian Island volcanoes, both related the compressive dynamics due to the convergence between Eurasian and African plates. We expect that the tomography will also provide a detailed image of the whole Mt. Etna plumbing system (i.e., the geometry and location of the magma uprising paths or the magma storages volumes, etc.) so as to obtain valuable constraints for geophysical modelling. The integration between active and passive (FP7-EC MED-SUV) datasets will be used also to improve the resulting tomographic images and their resolution. Additionally, to perform a joint model of the Upper Mantle-Crust structure we will integrate the outcomes of the seismic experiments with other geophysical investigations, by exploiting the magnetic and gravimetric facilities available for the ships asked for this experiment. Considering that the last active seismic investigations date to more than twenty years ago, the obtained model will represent a step forward in the understanding of the dynamics of the targeted region.

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